Wasted potential

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#1 by krykry
2018-09-26 at 02:46
Actually playing this made me want to rant a little, so a quick review:

This visual novel, despite having quite cliched school battle setting had a little potential which made me finish one route, but the obvious cost cuts really kill it.

The overall flow of the story is okay, characters that appear and things happening are okay, but sometimes story is turns incomprehensibly stupid which makes the player alt-f4 the game.

Example spoiler here: The protagonist's childhood friend and maid disappears without trace for many days, and despite the fact that it happened during the time multiple students are attacked by someone and badly injured or in coma, neither protag nor other heroines appear actually worried by that fact and they continue their happy-go-merry life.

As for the cost cuts on the development: it's completely inconsistent on what characters get a voice, there are characters with actual SPRITES but who don't get voice acting which feels incredibly unnatural.

Character design is okay, but the sprites quality is slightly bad.
Animation is horrible, it's safer to say that there's no animation at all. Combat didn't get any CGs when any proper action visual novel would get at least one for each heroine - instead they get cheap-looking addition to their sprites and poor sound.

A real shame. If this novel had at least all characters with a sprite voiced, the CG and sprite quality was more polished, and battle CG/animation actually added in it would be much more pleasant to play - even despite the problems with the story.

TLDR: The cost cuts and cheapness of the elements turn this novel from "good" to "so-so" or "weak" rating. I mean, good voice actors and character designs were completely wasted.Last modified on 2018-09-26 at 02:54


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