Great another episodic crap show

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#1 by periah250
2018-09-28 at 03:57
Really front wing? episodic stories are just a bad idea. A few dollars for like an hour of content a month just isnt as rewarding as sixty dollars for a few days worth of content. Just make an honest game please.
#2 by warfoki
2018-09-28 at 04:03
Thing is, people will part with a few bucks at a time that eventually adds up to $60 or more, than with that whole sum in one go. Nobody goes ahead and pays tens of thousands of dollars, to say, FIFA cards in one go. But a lot of people totally do spend that much on them in smaller increments over a period of time. Microtransactions work business wise. And with VNs not having any real gameplay elements to speak off, you got the content sold in smaller chunks via episodic releases.
#3 by periah250
2018-09-28 at 04:24
but then it resembles the crappy monster of the week or issue of the month in this case and honestly no very compelling stories can spawn from that.
#4 by warfoki
2018-09-28 at 04:26
I never said it's good for such a story oriented genre as VNs, I'm just saying that financially it makes sense. And hey, it's still a better alternative to making F2P gacha card games out of their franchises...
#5 by periah250
2018-09-28 at 04:31
hey we dont talk about those...Ive seen some *Shudders*
#6 by kratoscar2008
2018-09-28 at 04:36
#3 Bad analogy given that series like X-Files, Supernatural and several others succeeded thanks to monster of the week episodes. Lets not forget Scooby Doo too.
Episodic is not bad as long as they are released in close succession, not to mention this game seems like an average moe/nukige so its not like there is a big overarching story being told, will probably be like every episode is focused on a girl.
#7 by warfoki
2018-09-28 at 04:39
Look, those are tv-series, this is a visual novel. It's like comparing an apple to a heavy machine gun...
#8 by kominarachromer
2018-09-28 at 04:57
Episodic stories aren't inherently a bad idea. Monmusu Quest, Higurashi, White Album 2, Baldr Sky Dive, ef ~a fairy tale of the two~, and ChuSinGura were all released episodically, and they're some of the most acclaimed titles in the medium. Hell, I even hear that there's some people out there that are willing to defend Umineko...

In Frontwing's case though, I think they're pandering to the audience. Corona Blossom (which I really need to get around to playing one of these days) and Grisaia: Phantom Trigger are their two most popular localized titles, and I'm sure the marketing or the fact that Phantom Trigger is part of an extremely popular series has nothing to do with it, so Westerners must just like episodic titles, right? I mean, it couldn't possibly be because they were expecting Nekopara-level numbers for an incredibly niche psychological/philosophical character study, because Momoiro Closet was an overpriced trashy moege, or because Island was both niche and expensive, right?

The problem with Loca-Love is that it's a moege. The core base is going to buy it no matter the cost (or they'll just pirate it because /vn/ doesn't buy anything) and making it episodic has no real advantages besides maybe getting it out sooner, which, again, shouldn't matter too much. Besides, they're also running a Kickstarter, which is supremely stupid. Part of the business model of episodic titles is that earlier episodes help to fund the later ones, which doesn't jive well with crowdfunding. But I guess this is just how Frontwing works; they announce a project, a Kickstarter spawns spontaneously, despite how little sense it makes.

I'm honestly just more exhausted at the game itself. A moege by the author behind a couple of decently acclaimed titles, in a format that I assume is "three-heroine three-episodes". This couldn't scream out "budget title" more than if it had Campus's name on it...

Also, is it just me, or does Nanaka Mai's art just look worse than Akio and Fumio's? It's not offensively bad, just moeblob-y; it seems like there was much less care given to proper proportions, in particular. It seems like none of Frontwing's proper artists want to touch this project either.

#6 Monster-of-the-week shows, (I don't count The X-Files in this, since that has an actual overarching plot) are pretty universally mediocre to bad. Sure, there are some good ones out there, but usually the formula starts to stagnate and the studio starts to lost track of their goal, especially when there's no real overarching goal to go for. For reference, watch any crime procedural or Go Nagai adaptation from the 70s.
#9 by asaki
2018-09-28 at 05:13
I believe that FW was got traumatic by their almost bankrupt scenario back at Kajitsu development, so perhaps they decided to play it safe by abusing KS as their pre order hardcopy store. Granted it might be dubious for some people, but if it work for them then there's shouldn't be any reason for Frontwing to not abusing the KS.
#10 by pendelhaven
2018-09-28 at 07:08
anyone regretting kickstarter now?
#11 by kiru
2018-09-28 at 08:54
The releases make me think, this isn't even an episodic work. It's just that the routes are sold separately and don't come out all together.

Under episodic I understand a story that continually builds up over the course of its episodes. (i.e. Corona Blossom) The whole "one heroine only" thing has been going on a while in Japan, and is quite honestly not such a bad idea for these kinda games. Just pick the game with the cutest girl and you save money. Who read all routes anyway?
#12 by veshurik
2018-10-13 at 19:00
Well, usually I read all routes, if I have a time and wish. I mean, when I see the full eroge game, I can clearly see the effort... With only one heroine... Like Uso Series (Campus, screw you!), when they released all 4 parts separately, and then combined it all in one game + add one else route and after stories... It was really bad for customers, I really don't know how to react on that. Japanese business is so cruel!
#13 by kominarachromer
2018-10-13 at 19:07
#12 Campus isn't that bad. I mean, light (their parent brand) released a game that was missing half the routes, had half-assed art, and where the supposed "writer" didn't even write most of the game. Now that's scam artistry.
#14 by periah250
2018-10-15 at 15:17
Does anyone want to look at phantom trigger again and see if they don't go mad from how crappy it is? they did that to the grisaia title, I just hope they don't trample on good franchises anymore.
#15 by jakerams
2018-10-15 at 17:35
Ehh #14 I actually prefer Phantom Trigger to the main series. Even if I do admit the main series is better PT is more straightforward and offers a lot without ruining anything from the main series.
#16 by dk382
2018-10-26 at 08:22
So, this game is basically a nukige. And just a 3-4 hour one at that. It's like 66% h-scenes, and they start right from the beginning.

I just switched the VN entry to "short," but I didn't give a good enough explanation in the edit summary, so I'll do it here. Yeah, there will be future episodes and it will get longer, but for now, it's short as shit. Having it set to medium would be highly misleading, and may convince people that what's available now is longer than it is. We rate length based on what's available now, and if it changes in the future, we change the length. Simple as that.
#17 by kiru
2018-10-26 at 09:01
The problem is, that you have different episodes with completely different main characters as one entry. It's okay if the episodes are of one story. It's not okay, if they aren't. It's different heroines. It's different games. You don't need to play one to understand the other. The different games are alternative versions to each other, but not "one game".

This needs to be changed. Pretty much every other series, where this happens, have their different entries. (i.e. the uso series by Campus, or the series by Feng)

edit: Let's not forget why this "multiple releases under one VN" is done: It's not to be lazy, but to show that the releases are of ONE game and you REALLY should start at the beginning, otherwise it's like starting in the middle of a game. Though seeing how even Grisaia has its own entries per volume, there's actually 0 arguing ground against splitting this one up anyway.Last modified on 2018-10-26 at 09:09
#18 by sakurakoi
2018-10-26 at 09:11
This needs to be changed. Pretty much every other series, where this happens, have their different entries. (i.e. the uso series by Campus, or the series by Feng)
Likewise Majikoi A-1 to A-5 plus even the Plus Disc are separate entries. Now while it is pretty much irrelevant that one can call them either Same Series or Alternative Version... I'd still say though that different heroines means Same Series and not Alternative Version.
#19 by dk382
2018-10-26 at 09:12
Right, that makes sense. There's not much to change currently since there's only one volume in the database. For future volumes, feel free to add a new VN entry.
#20 by bakauchuujin
2018-10-26 at 11:11
Well if the different volumes are planned to be seperate then the title should probably be changed to Loca Love: My Cute Roommate rather than just Loca Love.Last modified on 2018-10-26 at 11:11
#21 by marantana
2018-11-16 at 01:35
Anyway, considering how boring this first episode is, I doubt they will get enough backers on kickstarter. Loca Love - Dousei x Kouhai was an "all or nothing" project.


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