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#1 by chromanexus
2018-09-29 at 14:01
Hello, I am new here but I was wondering if anyone knows if there is going to be any future translation for this game.
#2 by bakauchuujin
2018-09-29 at 15:25
Considering that MG is doing many of the other Rance games we can be pretty sure that they are going to do this as well in the future.
#3 by [deleted]
2018-09-29 at 15:54
MG might localize it, but they've shown no interest in doing so, which is pretty weird. Pray that Arunaru manages to convince them, I guess.

If it makes you feel any better, Rance 01 isn't very good in the first place. The main loss here is Rance 03, and possibly a prospective Rance 04 (please do it).
#4 by redrain77
2019-06-20 at 08:46
Looks like we won't be having any translation from Manga Gamer anytime soon :(

#5 by tiagofvarela
2019-07-07 at 09:33
Define soon.
#6 by dk382
2019-07-07 at 11:10
lmao. Why would you ever think they'd just tell you their plans like that?
#7 by encrypted12345
2019-07-07 at 13:51
Huh, now that it's been announced it's a matter of when. I wouldn't be too surprised if they released it before Rance X since the base TL is done. It still needs editing and beta, but it's way easier to do that for Rance 01 and quickly finish Rance 02 than to wrap up Rance X.
#8 by eacil
2019-07-07 at 17:07
Don't forget to vote for Rance 03 next survey.
#9 by dk382
2019-07-07 at 23:48
They're going to translate Rance 03 whether you vote for it or not. Their AX announcements barely even qualifies as news. It's extremely clear that MangaGamer will translate every single Rance game unless something dramatic happens (like MG suddenly going out of business).Last modified on 2019-07-07 at 23:49
#10 by eacil
2019-07-08 at 03:12
Encrypted12345 disagrees with you. It is not 100% sure as long as MG didn't announce it loud and clear.
#11 by arifssbc
2019-12-02 at 07:35
eacil, now believe him


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