Sobo to Boku ~ English Patch fix install problem

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#1 by tandat141999
2018-10-01 at 19:58
< report >I find some problem with the instructed method for patching the game. I have a solution to that:
_ Download "Sobo to Boku" English patch and extract it.
_ Download the english patch of "Violated Hero -I Wanted to Chivalrously Save the World-" and extract the patch into "Sobo to Boku" default installed folder.
_ You will be able to find folder "English" -> empty it
_ Then put the all contents from folder "data" of "Sobo to Boku" English patch into folder "English".
_ Finally run "English patch install.bat" ---> all done.

Now you can enjoy the game with English translation.
#2 by turin
2018-10-01 at 20:56
< report >Worked like a charm, thanks mate.


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