spoilers true end question?

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#1 by unlmtdbldwrks
2018-10-06 at 06:19
so does a "true end" mean that that ones cannon? if thats the case all the routes i played were meanengless in that regard. so does true equal the accual cannon ending? it may sound liek common sense question but i would like to know.
#2 by kominara
2018-10-06 at 06:42
The term “canon” is completely arbitrary in this context. The game is a standalone experience, except for the fandisc which follows multiple different endings anyway.

It’s a charage. The “canon” isn’t important. Just read the game and enjoy the cute girls and occasional heartwarming plot development, and try not to think about it too hard.
#3 by unlmtdbldwrks
2018-10-12 at 05:51
anouther question i just figured i shoulnt make anouther thread. when they say sending then back and returning, are they refering to death? also the game that is in the same setting does it expand on what mare and rin are any more? i dont quiet understnad
#4 by kominara
2018-10-12 at 10:32
#3 Mare is an extraterrestrial spirit of some kind, if I recall correctly. “Go back” isn’t used in any symbolic way; it literally just means “go back”.

I don’t think AstralAir has anything to do with Hoshimemo plot-wise. Hoshimemo does have a fandisc, which is probably closer to completion since the fanTL group working on AstralAir went official. It is a Sekai translation, though, so it’s likely going to be alphabet soup at the very best.
#5 by clorust
2018-10-17 at 21:51
Pretty much, yes. I really hate the fundamental concept of "true routes" and feel that every heroine-route based VN (hell even any bishojo game in general) suffers from them, particularly if you like a certain heroine more than the "true heroine". If you want confirmation the fandisc focuses on the "true heroine" while the others are mere side characters.
#6 by kominara
2018-10-17 at 23:09
#5 Eh. I can see it being annoying in charage like this one (half the reason I don't really like Clannad is that Nagisa just isn't an appealing heroine and she gets the most focus) but in games with a plot-focus, I don't think it matters too much. I don't think Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- and Steins;Gate suffer from the "true route" approach, and to some extent I don't think Hoshimemo suffers from it either. It's not like any of the other heroine routes are too much shorter or less detailed than Mare's or Yume's; and I'd actually argue that the idea of a true route doesn't really apply because, again, there's no real canon to it. To bring up Clannad again; Nagisa gets an entire several hour long after-story that's arguably the point of the entire game, and focus is placed on her even in routes like Kotomi's where she's not supposed to be the heroine. I think that's far worse than the structure in Hoshimemo.


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