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#1 by bossybear11
2018-10-08 at 13:30
Well first I choose this VN because I've played Wagamama High Spec and try to see how this turn out.

I can say this VN are long, one route can take up a minimum of 10 hours++. (because i skip H-scene a bit after it took a bit too long even though the H scene only about 10~15% of the heroine story). Another VN i've played with the same genre and as long as this VN are this or this , although in Raspberry Cube,the story only span around a year of protagonist life depending on your route. I choose gin'iro and fureraba as comparison because the Protagonist here almost have the same characteristic (they are filling, adapting, and supporting their heroine partner).

The prologue are a bit bad here... At first, the conversation doesn't flow, the heroine's personality are too forced , even the Protagonist are a yes-man which I don't really like. But its all change when you got into any route of the heroine, the Protagonist got better with his decision and the romance's chemistry are excellent with each heroine in their respective route.

The path split are too fast in the beginning(only about 1~2hours play) but I can say the route of each heroine can make up for it because not all character will display in every heroine and there's a lot of side character in here that doesn't displayed in vndb(because they dont have standing sprite). The side character are different depending on your route.

For guide to every route, just pick your heroine until some point of no return decision come. Or you can see here walktrough.

Well it's a fun time playing all heroine here with each their own quirks. Though I'm impressed with someone can finish this long VN so fast and vote. I even took a week reading all of this VN with 6 hour playing a day.Last modified on 2018-10-13 at 14:59
#2 by [deleted]
2018-10-08 at 14:23
Though I'm impressed with someone can finish this long VN so fast and vote.

I got some bad news for you, bud.
#3 by bossybear11
2018-10-08 at 14:35
#2 well for me, I vote for something I've finished playing and wanted people to play this too. I thought giving high score will make people want to play this too.

I won't even bother voting for some half played game and give them low score if I haven't finished them.
#4 by [deleted]
2018-10-08 at 15:02
#3 I don't have anything against premature voting, but a 9.02 for a game that was just released seems a little excessive.

I'm willing to try this game, but I have doubts that I'll like it, considering the author doesn't have a whole lot of good work under his belt and the company made Wagamama, which I was completely indifferent to. I guess I just don't really like moege in general.
#5 by bossybear11
2018-10-08 at 15:14
Can't blame you for your dislike of moege, It's really hard to find a good one that without heavy plot or serious story/backstory. Moege are really dependence to protagonist action and human interaction.

Even this one are really bad at prologue and I dont recommend it if you dislike moege, because reading moege can depend on your mood too because it can become a chore and boring if you don't space it for days.

I suggest if you dislike moege, pick and finish heroine that you reaaally like first in one play (The one that clicks with you from how they spoke, personality, or even just their visual appearance). I even pick Yuzuki Yuu and Sakuraba Ruri first only because of their visual appearance and nothing clicks with me with other heroines, but after playing all 4 of the heroine i can say Sakuraba Ruri route was the best experience. If you dislike romance and comedy , then maybe this is not your type of game.Last modified on 2018-10-13 at 15:06
#6 by kzel
2018-10-09 at 17:40
Length was average for this format (full price game), routes lasting about 6 hours per without skipping anything for a pretty slow reader like me.

Side characters in this are annoying, especially in Mikoto's route, and get in the way in all the routes in some manner or another.

For a stress free experience introducing delinquents, gangs, yakuza and money matters in all the routes wasn't the best approach. It's not even deep or that serious, but for comedy factor there were plenty of other venues to explore.

I wouldn't recommend the game to people who don't like moege, the only good thing here is the icha-icha with the heroines.
#7 by usuisorata
2019-10-02 at 17:07
This isn't half as good as Wagamama High Spec or the OC after. Tbh it is quite boring compared to the Wagamama high spec. played it and its ok. Most of the time the heroines do not interact with each other unlike Wagamama. played it on the first week of release and never went back to it after playing it finish. The visual novel u are comparing to are all better than this title. TBH was quite disappointed that is was not up to par with their other titles. It doesn't need to be Wagamama high spec level but it isn't as good as their own other 2 titles.Last modified on 2019-10-02 at 17:17


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