Last mission problem

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#1 by iheshe
2018-10-11 at 11:05
First playthrought, in case it changes anything.
Possible spoilers ahead.

I'm stuck on the last quest. I've leveled up everyone to the max level possible (levels are 35 for Tokimi, 24 for Yuuto, 30 for Uruka, Esperia and Nimnthor, 27 for Aselia, Nelie, Selia and Shiah, 24 for Orpha, Himika and Nanaru), but in the final mission I just can't manage to proceed. I unlock the very first road block, but then I can't make any other disappear. I guess I should defeat Mitosemar and Medario, but I have to battle so many other enemies on my way to them that by the time I get there I'm out of skill points and somewhat low on hp, and even then I'm not sure I'd be able to beat them even if I got to them with full hp and skill usage. I know that I can find mana crystals to heal up squads, but I've only found one which is nowhere near enough what I'd need.

Is there something I'm missing? Did I somehow play myself into a corner (I do have several previous files which I can load in that case)? I can't even level up anyone anymore because I don't have instructors to train them any higher.Last modified on 2018-10-11 at 21:35
#2 by lordnight
2018-10-11 at 13:55
Just for reference, who's character route did you take?
Since the last mission change depend on that.
#3 by iheshe
2018-10-11 at 14:05
Oh, I didn't know that.
I'm on Uruka's route.Last modified on 2018-10-11 at 21:35
#4 by lordnight
2018-10-11 at 14:21
The last mission... you mean the fight with Temuorin?
#5 by iheshe
2018-10-11 at 14:26
I mean this one
#6 by lordnight
2018-10-11 at 14:34
Ahhh... That one.
That wasn't the final mission btw.
Anyway try spreading your party?
Like two parties goes on the left side and two parties goes on the right side, make your Eternal Yuuto and Eternal Uruka accompany each one of your party but don't make them fight the small ones.
#7 by iheshe
2018-10-11 at 15:03
I'll try that, though I have to say I'm not that confident. Still, thanks for the tip.
#8 by lordnight
2018-10-11 at 15:31
This is my current party. Please don't mind the level, I'm sure the strategy is still the same.
Squad 1, 2 and 5 went to the left side while the rest went into the right side.
Abuse the power of red spirits, Ignition in particular to clear away smaller enemies, if you're having trouble then finish the rest with your Eternals (Or you can just one hit them away with Tokimi)
Oh and if the enemy has Banish then don't use ignition and fight them using the backup party (In my case, squad 2 and 3).
Don't be afraid of spending skill points. They can be replenished on various rest points throughout the map.
Take your time in finishing that mission.Last modified on 2018-10-11 at 15:36
#9 by iheshe
2018-10-11 at 15:53
This is what I have to work with, Halion (and Faren) died way back in chapter three (not something I'm proud of), while Kyouko and Kouin were killed by Yuuto (I think I've heard somewhere that I can't save them no matter what in the first playthourgh), is it still feasible?
(This was taken before I leveled everyone up as much as possible)

Edit: I've somehow failed to realize that those light spinning circles counts as bases and can replenish hp and skills usage, this makes it way easier. Man, I feel stupid now.Last modified on 2018-10-11 at 21:36
#10 by lordnight
2018-10-11 at 19:52
Ah right, I forgot you need to clear the game first in order to recruit them.
Well, I'm sure you can finish the mission if you just take your time~
And, please cover your posts in spoiler tag.
#11 by iheshe
2018-10-11 at 21:37
Yeah, done. Thanks for the help.
And sorry about not having used spoiler tags, I'm not really used to it. I edited my posts, I think I've covered all spoilers now.

When you said that wasn't the final mission, was that because you consider the fight with The Ruling Sword as another mission or is there something I failed to unlock? Because the game didn't seem to differentiate between that fight and the previous phase.

Thanks again for the help.Last modified on 2018-10-11 at 21:40
#12 by lordnight
2018-10-11 at 23:12
Uhm, no, sorry, I was wrong. That was really the last mission.


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