[SPOILER] Rinne end

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#1 by yuuky2000
2018-10-11 at 12:10
sorry in advance for my bad english
Here are my thought why Rinne actually is Rinné been slepping for atleast 60.000 years.
so for those who had finished the game, you already know that kuon said rinne is her daughter with setsuna, but at the end of rinne route when setsuna say "sorry i cant afford a engagement ring" Rinne answer he already did, but the only thing like that is when he gave Rinné his collar.
Further more the first time she wash up shore she have no memory and act like complete diffrence person than kuon daughter and she have faint memory of the time she was with setsuna, maybe both the real kuon and the daughter never was found and she mistake for Rinné (herself) for her daughter, and the story go just like in the game.
There are more thing that i dont understand in the game like how setsuna doesnt age or maybe the butterfly effect ending is his real name and who he was before he get stuck in the loop. i would love to know your opinion, thank for reading this.
#2 by hueburst
2018-10-11 at 12:25
It's impossible for Rinné to be Rinne, solely because Rinné actually experienced giving birth to her. The only way it's possible would be that she had false memory, which is also probably impossible because there would have to be people witnessing her birth.

Rinne's comment about the ring is definitely weird though, I really don't understand why she said that other than the author wanting to drop in even more red herrings. Maybe it's referring to some other obscure event in her past?

I think the Butterfly Effect ending is a reference to G.O.'s novel "SILENTWORLD" which sadly I can't read since it's untranslated.Last modified on 2018-10-11 at 12:26
#3 by yuuky2000
2018-10-11 at 14:01
yes she did give birth to to Rinne, but when Norimasa come back that day both the real kuon and her daughter have been missing and the one was found was up on the beach could be Rinné at 13 years old, that how the kuon-Rinné mistake her self for her own daughter.


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