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Should this be considered a VN?

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#1 by zero07
2018-10-14 at 02:22
I played there VN but have not completed it. First of all I want to point out that the whole thing it is heavily focuses on gameplay rather then writing this I found myself grinding rather then spending time with the romances. The whole thing was time consuming I felt that I was not even close to a romance yet. So your stats you have Knowledge,Charm, affection. You gain Knowledge by reading books in the office or book store, you gain Charm by practicing in the mirror or by other means. As for affection well I find it the most BS why of doing it. Didn't know until my fourth mouth in. You have to donate money to the shrine yes you have to give money TO A SHRINE to gain affection! no by helping people but by giving money away to increases your affection. Explain how that even works!? also the tutorial its super not helpful they only tell you the basic stuff but not the important things you need to know. First they explain you have to gain money to pay off your rent. second you must have a certain amount of stats to get the job BUT that's not all your not done yet. when the audition come you must select the right emotion of the scene to reach one star if you don't well tough luck. For your other stats its called Voice Acting Skills. You have Characterization,Technique,Singing,Stress. You gain it by going to VA School, you can increase it more by paying for extra lessons. That's is harsh enough considering that money is the most important thing in this VN. For romancing you must hang out with them and go on dates but I can't really tell you more about the romance since I have not gone that far with it since am trying to not get a game over. You can also by furniture to decorate your room. They don't tell you but by buying furniture can help a lot for example if you buy a computer if you do you can increase you skills and relief stress oh boy wish i knew that before hand. If you are wondering you only have January to December. Also I know your curious on hows the writing well let me put it this way its looks like they tried to hard to make it work. Before you say that am not being fair too it well am not the only one [link] This one is a SUPER PASS. I do have to remind people that this was a kick starter. Also if you want to know what they story is what story? didn't even found one. So people skip this if i had to give this a rating I would give Seiyuu Danshi! a 1/10 ya I can't find myself enjoying it anymore it looked interesting when i found it but it became a pain in the ass.Last modified on 2018-10-14 at 02:24
#2 by kratoscar2008
2018-10-14 at 02:40
Well for the shrine thing you are supposed tp put money and pray for a better relationship with someone, thats how it works in Persona 4.
As for the rest, seems like many western games loves to lock stuff behind insane grind, at least thats an usual complain in most boards about them.

I say is a VN, many dating sims (Usually the nonporn ones) have no narration and not that much of an story but they are still there. Then dont get me started on many SRPGs here labeled as VNs.Last modified on 2018-10-14 at 02:42
#3 by sakurakoi
2018-10-14 at 02:42
Welp, the wall-of-text can be summed up like this:

Like real life, it is simply the worst game from which you want to escape from as much as possible. Even save&reload will not help with the unnecessarily over-complex&arbitrary design because it is just that boring.

I still can't help but lol @ Chibi-Hentai, I guess I could enjoy Yaoi, oh no excuse me, Male on Male Sex pictures that way, by thinking of 'em as tomboyish lolis, the best kind of lolis~ (ofc even though I say enjoy, that enjoyment is far from any excitement, it is just cute/soothing)
#4 by ramaladni
2018-10-14 at 02:43
#3 Thanks for deciphering that.
#5 by kominarachromer
2018-10-14 at 03:27
#2 Well, I'll get you started.

A lot of the "hybrids" on VNDB are indeed not really VNs; particularly the ones made for consoles. However, most of the SRPGs do qualify. Sure, there are things like Kichikuou Rance (most pre-2000 Alice Soft games, actually) and Makai Shin Trillion that are only here on some weird technicality, but the ADV sections in "games" like the original PC version of Utawarerumono and Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- clearly surpass the actual gameplay sections in terms of play time, and I think it's fair to keep them in, especially since Leaf and Xuse are primarily VN companies to begin with. Honestly, SRPGs aren't too big of a problem, especially compared to the literal hundreds of pure adventure games that are on here because the style is kind of anime.
#6 by warfoki
2018-10-14 at 04:02
A lot of older titles that are not really VNs at all are here, because they were predecessors of VNs basically. So we are in general a lot more lenient with them, compared to contemporary titles.
#7 by kominarachromer
2018-10-14 at 05:02
#6 I'm getting a strange sense of deja vu...

Yeah, I know why they're there. Like you said, a lot of them are direct ancestors of the medium, and having them doesn't hurt too much. I'm just saying that they feel more out of place than the text-heavy SRPGs that #2 was complaining about.
Though, to be fair, the SRPGs are probably more noticeable, since most users don't really play or look for old PC-88/PC-98 era adventure games or dating simulators.


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