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#1 by eacil
2018-10-14 at 05:11
God, the hotkeys are so dumb. Had to check every keys of my keyboard to find the right ones. ZQSD to move the selection, U to select/action and O to go back... but L to actually get the next line and SPACE for the backlog. Needless to say I plugged my controller right away... to find dumber controls. Fucking RB for next line. The hard bumper for the most used action... Why not freaking A??? SELECT for the backlog of course.
In the end, I was one hand on my keyboard and one hand on my pad... thank you dumbasses.

Ok ok, it's just the beginning. Of course, no voices or, you know, ten samples you put at the beginning of some lines to make it look like it's not completely silent.

I only played one VN with Highly Animated Sprites, it was Guro Dere, it was bad, but here it's gruesome. The tachie can't stop waving and the few actions they have are unnatural and ugly, especially with the moronic sexxxy milf. The acting is literally ruined. It reminded me when 3D showed up inside movies. It looked good on paper but concretely it brought nothing but disaster. I assume I am unfair with that metaphor because I don't remember when watching videos of Witch's Garden (first time it was used inside a VN I believe) it was that misused. Weird but not *that* shitty.

Photographic backgrounds. This game is definitely a doujin.

I am used to bland MC but not to ghost character. You have no lines. I first thought I was a girl because you bump into a girl and a second girl talk to you so I thought one bumped into the other.
Your only reaction is having some weird choices with two wheels. I think it's hand/heart/fist/tear then eye/hand/tongue/nose/something_else. What is supposed to be the action heart+tongue? I have no idea. Unfortunately, it wasn't cunnilingus. Maybe, I don't know?
The only thing which worked was hand+hand for handshake. Yay.

After five minutes I already wanted to quit.
I carried on to discover it has gameplay. Fucking cheap TRPG gameplay from the top with squares. It's turn based but your actions and the ones of the ghosts are simultaneous??? You need to _anticipate_ the moves of the ghosts. This is unbelievably stupid. Your own moves are annoying btw. The ghost can go in four directions and you have two guys. You can cover only two directions, ok? So the ghost always run away from you and he can pretty much go through everything (a ghost), i.e. you and the walls, in case you want to block him. I couldn't corner him. I failed the first mission.

Fuck this game. DROPPED.

Edit: oh, yeah, I didn't find how to quit the game. I had to alt+F4 it. Nice job.Last modified on 2018-10-14 at 07:20


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