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#1 by harleyquin
2018-10-19 at 10:27
So what happens if you have users like u1552216 who think they're above the rules of the database and blatantly flout them?

I don't agree with the Romanization rules, but databases have rules which aren't there just to be broken by random nobodies who think they know best. There's going to be a lot of reverts to be done, unless you and your fellow administrators either change the rules as they are or lay down the law one way or the another. Personally I don't mind if said user is kept off the forums, but that's not my call and something that has to be done sooner rather than later if the administrators and moderators actually care about rules.Last modified on 2018-11-27 at 16:45
#2 by yorhel
2018-10-19 at 13:25
So what happens if you have users like u152216 who think they're above the rules of the database and blatantly flout them?
You attempt to communicate with them to change their mind or open a thread to propose changes to the guidelines. I notice neither has happened yet.Last modified on 2018-10-19 at 13:26
#3 by harleyquin
2018-10-19 at 14:15
I have by reverting his edits in the past. User doesn't care. I'm not in charge of the database and I lost the argument on changing Romanisation rules previously.

If you want proof, I'll dig it up with more time.
#4 by yorhel
2018-10-19 at 14:19
Reverting edits isn't communication.
#5 by harleyquin
2018-10-19 at 14:51
It is when I give reasons why the edit was reverted.


And this gets written in return.


I'm not a saint and it's not my database, I'm just a user. If you insist I "do things properly" by opening a thread which is clearly going to be a waste of time for both parties, I'll start an edit war by reverting until you lot step in and lock the entries.

Edit: Looks like Beliar got fed up and locked the entries until further notice.Last modified on 2018-10-19 at 15:19
#6 by yorhel
2018-10-19 at 15:58
I'm not sure why you'd think that opening a thread is a waste of time - that's my main way of keeping track of what's going on and act on it if things aren't progressing. I typically tempban someone when they ignore a thread on their board. An edit war certainly isn't going to be any more helpful.

But yup, Beliar to the rescue.
#7 by beliar
2018-10-19 at 18:21
While I myself do not always like the apostrophe rule, as some names, like the current offender, look quite silly with them, I do understand the reasoning behind it. Previously, the entries in the DB weren't consistent regarding it, there was a discussion and it was sort of decided to go with the apostrophes. For consistency reasons it makes sense now to use them.
Anyway, I didn't even notice this thread, before locking the character entries. Harleyquin, next time maybe create a visible thread regarding an edit war in progress, or create a thread linked to the offending user and the mods, because engaging in an edit war, with a user who has an attitude, is really not a productive behaviour.
Looking through the edits of the user in question (sy74kya), he seems to take the traits way too seriously and fights tooth and nail over them. Some of these trait edits are quite suspect, as his reasoning for adding them is very subjective in some cases. For example, reportedly a few slaps is enough justification for a 'domestic violence' trait for him. Now he displayed quite a disagreeable attitude, as apparently he knows best and rules do not apply to him. I hope locking the characters will cool him off, but I will not hold by breath for it.
#8 by rampaa
2018-10-19 at 18:39
It's kinda unrelated to the topic which is being discussed but can VNDB host its own romanization rules in detail instead of referencing AniDB? Saying it's "mostly" consistent with AniDB's rules isn't really all that helpful since we cannot infer which bits are different between those two. Also as a matter of principle, it would be better if VNDB was self-sufficient, or at least that's what I think.
#9 by harleyquin
2018-10-19 at 18:41
create a thread linked to the offending user and the mods

Forgive my ignorance since I know it can be done, but how exactly does one do that? I've fluked it once before but would prefer to know how to do it the proper way if that's what the decision process dictates.
#10 by beliar
2018-10-19 at 20:03
Well, I suppose when you created this thread you pressed on Yorhel then went to 'Discussions' tab and selected 'Start a new thread'. The thing is, you can add as many user IDs as you want to the 'Board(s)' field separated by spaces. You could have added the sy74kya's ID and IDs for any or all of the mods to the field if you wanted to.
You most likely know who all the mods are, but just in case d7.

@rampaa: I am fully in agreement with you. I believe we should have all the romanization rules in-house rather than being referred to ANIDB, though I doubt anyone will want to undertake the task of actually writing them down. On the other hand, Yorhel could just rip the required text from AniDB and create a page here... though I have no idea if the text is copyrighted and if we wouldn't get in trouble for it.
I am also ashamed to say, but I have no idea why it says that our rules are "mostly" consistent with those on ANIDB. Where is the difference betwixt our rules and their?
#11 by yorhel
2018-10-20 at 04:58
The "mostly" comes from t5114, but I'm not sure if that is still current. Most* of the を's I see in the DB are romanized to "o", so perhaps we're more consistent now.

(* But "not all", so to be pedantic, that "mostly" is still correct)
#12 by beliar
2018-10-20 at 08:41
I myself spearheaded the effort to change all を's to 'o' some time ago for consistency, so now all を's should be o's. If there are still wo's out there, they should be changed too. Of course, there is some leeway for the release titles, like r1844, as we keep those like the publisher intended if applicable.
#13 by rampaa
2018-10-20 at 12:34
I've found a few VNs which uses "wo" instead of "o": This, this, this, this, this, this and this. So should I go ahead and change them all to "o"? Also there's this, which uses ヲ instead of を. Does this one warrant special treatment? Or should I change it into "o" as well?
#14 by harleyquin
2018-10-20 at 13:04
As far as link is concerned, it's O-to rather than Wo-to. Feel free to change it. Ensures consistency with the already extant anime adaptation which doesn't make a mistake.
#15 by rampaa
2018-10-20 at 13:36
Went ahead changed all of them.
#16 by rampaa
2018-10-20 at 15:25
The wo in link should not be changed since it's originally written with Latin alphabet, right?
#17 by harleyquin
2018-10-20 at 15:34
The wo in link should not be changed since it's originally written with Latin alphabet, right?

Non-Japanese developer so no change.
#18 by beliar
2018-11-10 at 16:31
u152216 is at it again. His edits are completely arbitrary and non-essential. Some of them are so weird that the only course of action is to revert them, however doing that results in him replying with "don't stick your nose into other people's business" or "Cut the BS" and he immediately reverts them back. Seems the guy has serious anger management issues or an issue with authority.

Anyway, there is another possible edit war brewing regarding Asuka Mirai and possibly Okaizumi Haruto. I could lock the characters once gain to prevent further tampering, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to solve this at an executive level?...
#19 by harleyquin
2018-11-10 at 16:44
Moderator call, but the user is recalcitrant and really doesn't give a damn about anything except the rules he follows. Unfortunately there's nothing in the written rules against overzealous contributions.
#20 by yorhel
2018-11-10 at 17:26
Users who don't want to work together get (temp)banned, as usual. So that's what I did with u152216.
#21 by harleyquin
2018-11-10 at 18:49
Does it go from temporary to permanent with enough infractions?
#22 by shining17
2018-11-10 at 20:25
Judging by his edit history and attitude, he might starts another edit mess when he get off the hook.
#23 by harleyquin
2018-11-27 at 16:40
Unsubtle attempt at circumventing account ban.

#24 by harleyquin
2018-12-03 at 12:13

School's out and someone has time on his hands to mess around with the boards again.

@Administrators/moderators: Another attempt to circumvent an account ban is very likely to occur for the foreseeable future.

A quick check of the FAQ shows there is nothing explicitly written regarding disciplinary rules on this database. It's common knowledge for long-time visitors that an account ban cannot be circumvented by creating ghost accounts, since these get reported and banned in turn. Perhaps something can be done to dissuade recalcitrant users from coming back here instead of staying in their reddits or 4chans where they'll be welcomed with open arms.
#25 by yorhel
2018-12-03 at 19:19
School's out and someone has time on his hands to mess around with the boards again.
Please refrain from childish comments like this. It doesn't help your case at all.


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