Thank you Lune.

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#1 by kratoscar2008
2018-10-19 at 21:10
So i see Miel finally decided to join into the elf craze. Its funny how a single tittle inspired so much other devs, more funny that in their long tradition of isekai harem nukiges an elf themed one was never made by Miel. This will make a nice tide me over tittle for Lune's Saimin Elf.
Now hopefully BISHOP gets into it soon and make a corruption themed elf game.
#2 by krykry
2018-10-19 at 21:16
Japs were always crazy about elves.
#3 by kratoscar2008
2018-10-19 at 21:27
They were usually: in a game where they get raped by everything (May or not include a male protag) or a single (maybe 2) characters out of several. Harem games were elves are the focus and without them fucking anyone but MC were rare. Heck even that shota elf game had orc and gangbang rape.
#4 by rider
2018-10-19 at 22:06
While not exclusively elf-themed, Muteki no Haramase Onaho Himekishi-dan ~Kukkoro Mesu ga Cheat Skill de Soku Ochi♪ Ero Koku Hame de Ahe Chuusei o Tsukusareru Royal Harem Jou Seikatsu~ had an elf heroine and it probably wasn't influenced by Sukebe Elf no Mori because it was in production at the same time (and came out the same day). While the success of Lune's title probably didn't hurt, I think the elf from that game being the most well received thing about it (from what I could tell from what little discussions Miel's shit gets) was probably the deciding factor in the shaping of this new one. This game as a whole seems to focus on the livestock play that, in the aforementioned game, was the theme of the Elf's route alone.Last modified on 2018-10-19 at 22:08
#5 by kratoscar2008
2018-10-21 at 15:34
The strange thing is that with so many Isekai games Miel rarely if ever did elves for some reason. Though if you want to stretch things the first "elf" they made was the Goddess of Reincocknation. And i wouldnt say the same time, Sukebe Elf was announced in December and had been getting hype for a while so maybe Miel caught up the writting in the wall? Considering it takes usually a month or 2 for Miel to make a new game.
You do make a good point there about how the game elf theme coincides with that elf route.
I just really hope all girls get equal content, hope they dont pull an Empress and only have Melfy (Dark Elf Mage strangely resembling Misery from Sukebe Elf) with 1-2 scenes. Content closer to Gisselle's from Dungeon Master would be the least i hope Melfy gets.Last modified on 2018-10-21 at 15:38
#6 by rider
2018-10-21 at 17:17
From their website I don't think that will be the case. They have a short description of what the content is like and it imples that they all get corrupted in the beginning of the game. One may end up with one or two scenes more than the other as it usually happens but there's no "endgame" girl this time.
#7 by kratoscar2008
2018-10-21 at 17:38
Yeah, also she has the #1 tag with her so she is maybe the first one to get corrupted. Blonde is the only one i dont particularly (She is tag #4) like so as long as the other 3 dont get shafted i will be happy.
#8 by eltonan
2018-10-23 at 07:48
Thank you indeed. Considering what happens to elves in 90% of eroges we need more vanilla elves if only for variety's sake.
#9 by bobjr2000
2018-10-23 at 15:33
I am always up for more vanilla and agree elves are not always given a friendlier role.
#10 by warfoki
2018-10-23 at 15:45
I mean, it's Miel. Basically almost all of their games has the theme of sexual corruption via Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation). You get some haughty, arrogant heroines, the protagonist gives them the D and they go full sex-crazed, ahegao faced nymphos dedicated to his cock by the second scene. It's quite rare for a Miel game to deviate from this formula.Last modified on 2018-10-23 at 15:45
#11 by rider
2018-10-26 at 23:48
I wouldn't classify this as vanilla, like warfoki said Miel games are heavy on sexual slavery and mindbreak. The girls constantly degrade themselves and talk about how they're property or animals, all that stuff. Also a lot of watersports.
It will still be a change of pace from other elf themed games because they tend to have a darker or sometimes even bleak tone, while Miel tends to go for a light-hearted power fantasy approach. Reads less as "you are raping, torturing driving these women insane" and more as "you are fucking all these hot babes and making them your adoring servants"
#12 by kratoscar2008
2018-10-27 at 03:40
Well they are vanilla in the sense that the girls gets raped for like 5 minutes and then worships the MCs cock as her god and would betray her lifelong friends for it, in which then everything happens with their initiative. Then you add the silly expressions that Ishii gives his girls plus the total abuse of erotic language (Heck even the translators do it to sell the game) and its hard to see a Miel game as anything other than erotic comedy so its definitely vanilla in that regard.
And yeah i mean if you compare it to other games, like say Elf Hime Nina. Elf Saimin is not vanilla perse since ite hypnosis and they are being controlled to indulge in debauchery but if its like Hime Princess then midway during the game they will get to bond with MC and end in a hopeful and happy way.
Think of it like how BISHOP and Lilith both focus on mindbreak and rape but BISHOP is considered too tame compared to lilith, hence BISHOP is more vanilla than Lilith.Last modified on 2018-10-27 at 03:42


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