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#1 by [deleted]
2018-10-28 at 06:00
#2 by warfoki
2018-10-28 at 06:03
So... what's the big deal with this one? Like, yeah, the description makes it sound absurdly cringy, but how is that an new thing for moeges?Last modified on 2018-10-28 at 06:04
#3 by kominara
2018-10-28 at 06:18
#2 Onikiss is a “highly acclaimed” imoutoge. That’s all I need to know, honestly.
#4 by sakurakoi
2018-10-28 at 06:23
but how is that an new thing for moeges?
or any genre whatsoever? It is obviously just always about the description matching the work and price matching the content.

I by the by "researched" one route, it is sure keeping what it promises which is simply ultimate brocon action with sugary-cute imoutos (plus loli-mother, they sure'll be damned if they do not include everything).

I now question thou sanity, thee who expects more.
#5 by ramaladni
2018-10-28 at 07:43
The release will include the 5th heroine.
#6 by being
2018-10-28 at 08:28
#7 by tomtheerogeman
2018-10-28 at 09:48
I wonder if this has a kissing minigame, kind of like the hugging one in Onii-chan, Asa Made Zutto Gyu tte Shite! which was released afterwards. That would be so awesome.
#8 by sakurakoi
2018-10-28 at 10:26
^It's not really a minigame but basically every kiss is a choice (where you click their lips, don't kiss your monitor!), they grow impatient and if you do not kiss them, then you simply do not (first few kisses excluded)
#9 by [deleted]
2018-11-10 at 01:51
...I forgot to mention: In this context, KYS means Kiss Your Sister.

As to why is this game so acclaimed, well, here's something that gets reposted a lot:

-Every imouto is super cute. Every imouto gets super lewd.

-Onii-chan has his shit together. Takes care of his imoutos, waking them up, giving them a good morning kiss, making lunch for them, sending them off with a kiss, welcoming them with a kiss. You (Onii-chan) directly control the kissing with your mouse. If you don't kiss her, she's sad or she pouts.

-Great seiyuu work, especially all the kissing sounds. The kissing sounds alone were able to make me cum on several occasions.

-Moe overload. Regular scenes are made to give you a heart boner.

-You raise an imouto's flag by kissing her the most during the day. The choice system is done entirely by kissing. If you feel as bad about not kissing your sisters as I did, do not worry. You can kiss all of them during the day, and decide it with a final kiss in the evening.

-Imoutos have great relationship not only with Onii-chan, but also with each other. Once you do all their routes, you can do a harem route (with real harem scenes, not only threesome scenes. Looking at you, Imopara).

-There's a hikki loli mom wandering around in a naked T-shirt. You kiss her every day. You can fuck her too. You can kiss your imoutos' tummies in OniKiss. You can kiss their nipples. You can do anything.

-Another very important feature is that you can view every H-scenes from the girl's perspective, hear her inner thoughts and stuff.

Here, have a preview of it.Last modified on 2018-11-10 at 08:40
#10 by asaki
2018-11-10 at 02:50
Yeah I'm convinced all right. Convinced that I need to be very patient waiting for Irotoridori here.Last modified on 2018-11-10 at 02:50
#11 by fuukanou
2018-11-10 at 03:12
#8, damn it i knew there was a reason why my choices weren't registering. it was most intuitive to just go for the monitor you know, i recently installed windows 8 and that should have made the screen a touchscreen...Last modified on 2018-11-10 at 03:13
#12 by ramaladni
2018-11-10 at 04:01
#9 KYS dude.

The alternate perspective in H-scenes sounds interesting I guess.
#13 by kiru
2018-11-10 at 10:56
Things are getting pretty deep here. Then again, we already had Maitetsu. Though unlike Maitetsu, this has nothing to offer aside of cringe. It'll be interesting, if there actually are enough people with this loli imouto kissing fetish. I SERIOUSLY hope not, but hey. It's not like Japan cares too much, what's popular here, so imouto heroines will continue to be terrible regardless.

.. then again, Nekopara spawned cat games. Please let this not spawn imouto games just for the western market. God dammit.Last modified on 2018-11-10 at 10:58
#14 by kratoscar2008
2018-11-10 at 13:40
Imopara already did that though.
#15 by clorust
2019-01-10 at 09:22

Imopara didn't really pull it off too well though, especially the actual "imouto" aspect. Felt more like a roommate sex simulator, but I never really cared for nukige in the first place so maybe it's on me.
#16 by kratoscar2008
2019-01-10 at 19:03
That depends on who you ask but the Imopara games are one of the best selling IPs that MG has released so its at least the most influential imoutoge around here.
#17 by clorust
2019-01-10 at 23:34
I know it's got all the fundamentals, but I still don't get the popularity, Moonstone's other translated titles are a lot better at what they do (personally). At least from what I've read about it so far Onikiss actually seems to focus more on the fact they're related than Imopara does, though I don't know necessarily how much of Onikiss is h-content in comparison.


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