Best Girl ~ Route [Poll]

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#26 by sarshi
2019-10-05 at 17:02
< report >MAMA TOUKO FTW
#27 by forever-here
2019-10-05 at 17:18
< report >
@23 If they all just fuck and be happy it wouldn't be story

a lot of VN routes are literally just about finding someone attractive, they get together, they fuck, the end. remind me again of what happened in ShiniKiss, honoka route. that said Nene route focused too much on plot rather than on character, making her route felt like a duty you have to finish for her rather than, her herself.
#28 by leonardo7899
2019-12-27 at 21:51
< report >I like sweet stories so i loved meguru and her route sooo yeah 100% team meguru.
#29 by mrkew
2019-12-27 at 22:06
< report >#22
What? If you mean personality, then Nene is calm and collected all the time except when it comes to her magic problem. She's generally a reliable senpai to Meguru and a good leader type. Airi spills her spaghetti like 80% of the time which is amazingly cute.
#30 by onorub
2019-12-27 at 22:11
< report >I thought Wakana had the best chemistry with the protagonist but Nene was my favorite route (second favorite Yuzusoft route just behind Shizuru's from Noble Works).
#31 by shad905
2021-04-15 at 13:46
< report >It's been more than a year since I started the game. This sure was a drag by the end of it. Should've probably dropped it after the first two routes I did. But regardless, after all the routes here are my preferences of heroines: Meguru->Touko->Wakana->Tsumugi->Nene. And of the routes: Touko->Meguru->Tsumugi->Wakana->Nene.
Yeah, as strange it may seem to many people who has already voted, Nene is the least likable heroine for me. To begin with her "price" is just ridiculous let alone the "time travel" paradox , which doesn't make any sense how it would work the way it did. So yeah, besides Nene every other heroine is fine.
#32 by horridus
2021-04-17 at 15:42
< report >I have just finished all route.
Best girl : Meguru
Best route : Nene


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