Favorite Nukige

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#1 by barfboy
2018-11-05 at 22:47
This may go down on my list as my favorite nukige of all time. Maybe because I have a super exhibition fetish but it's damned near perfect. There's only 2 sex scenes (3 counting the Append) where two people legitimately have sex. So it's not for everyone but it's absolutely filled with touching, groping, spanking, peeing, breastfeeding, masturbation, fingering, blowjobs, and huge amounts of public humiliation for hours.
#2 by krykry
2018-11-06 at 00:12
I'll recommend you and rpg then: ゼヴェンの孕姫, matches your tastes perfectlyLast modified on 2018-11-06 at 00:13


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