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#1 by eacil
2018-11-08 at 08:45
Can't say Lucy broke three legs to a duck. If you have read your Asimov, you won't be impressed too. Sure it made me want to re-(re-)read Chobits but that's all.

I am not saying it was bad, no, it's well crafted thanks to the lifting made with free for all assets from Kimagure After (I am sure everybody knows the famous cherry boy room at this point) or the reasonable priced BCG packs from No Bull Intentions. (Thanks kanjis in a Korean setting...) I assume it's the same for the music (too many credits to check). The true original content, tachie and CG are ok apart from some tachie which oddly have a different artstyle even though I didn't see two artists credited. (I am pretty sure everybody thought the guy with the glasses was a corporate spy who would give the android away and they would be chased at some point, right?)

The story is also ok but it felt to me it was less about sci-fi androids than a step-daughter the father won't accept into the family because she is of poor background...
I mean, those "I found a top-notch android in the dump" stories are not very intellectually challenging once you have read one because it's basically just a human they call android you could replace with a maid. Here, the setting is nothing special so it's really easy to make the trade.
Weirdly enough, the story refuse to admit that the android has a consciousness/soul. Even the "friend you know the moment he is mentioned he was going to be a hell of an android otaku" is a fake with a very superficial passion. Yeah, surprisingly down-to-earth sometimes but not so surprising(ly misogynist) if you followed my slave-in-law view.

In fact, what I found the most interesting was the cultural difference, Lucy being my first Korean VN.
Of course, the most obvious element was the Korean dubbing. Even if you hate moe, it's really refreshing to hear something else than Japanese in a VN. It's a shame you can't replay the voices for some reason (for the same reason the skip feature is bad, really bad). Now, I know how to say Master in Korean. Yay.
The less obvious element is the obligation you have towards your elders. It is supposed to be the same in Japan (I don't know to what degree of symmetry though) and I saw it multiple time in manga/anime but not even once in a VN, and never featured so heavily. That's why it was really infuriating to see the son having to bear with this toxic father because of social obligation. Worst, the MC is an asshole but you quickly learn that the father is the one who crippled him so you kinda make do with the unlikable guy, treating him with pity more than anger. At the end, I preferred reading the two epilogues (one where the MC becomes like his father, being ashamed of himself that he cried over his android burnt to death (-_-);; [that would have been funny if she caught fire in the living room burning the whole house] and the one where it took him sooo long to cut ties with the scum-father even if he will buy him the latest console every year before the completely delusional android try to fix the relation because of the biblical authority argument "I am your father/mother" the writer seem to be caught in) than the whole conventional romance with the android.

After my first Korean VN, it will be time to learn how to say Master in Chinese.
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#2 by ramaladni
2018-11-09 at 18:01
This is slightly off-topic, but I was wondering how your experiences with reading and re-reading Chobits differed, assuming that there's a significant time gap inbetween. I watched a few eps as a kid and recently watched it from start to completion, and I never knew it was so ecchi.

I actually changed the voices to Japanese right away, it just felt too alien for me... What interested me the most was actually the relationship with the MC and his father. Sometimes there's those people in your life that you can't cut off that easily.
#3 by eacil
2018-11-10 at 04:31
Sometimes there's those people in your life that you can't cut off that easily.
I agree but here it went way over the natural guilt and fear you can feel in a society which don't have such strong social constructions. It wouldn't have been written like that in any more individualistic country.
The boy is completely submissive even when he tries to retort. 20 years later he is still polite and respectful when he writes his letter because that's the way he is supposed to behave. How are you supposed to cut ties and build your own life when you are socially bound to take care of the burden who bullied you all your life?
What about the happy-go-lucky Lucy who thinks the father is "good inside" even if he proved that only the loneliness and the approach of death are what is able to make him self-reflect about how awful he was, not even in those terms (the guy has barely any remorse and they are self-interested like every self-centered person on the verge of dying)?
The whole VN writes this relation as "difficult" and "complex", not as "unhealthy" and "toxic", a relation which will at some point be resolved because there are other birthdays, right?
This is the same as those delusional persons who think every mother love their children.
Honestly, that was where the real drama was to me.

About Chobits, eeeer... I am not sure what you are asking but I was innocent too the first time I watched Chobits, while not enough to not open my eyes wide when you start to get where they are going with the activation... It was one of my early anime and not even the most shocking but I could say that's what seduced me into anime-land.
The lewd and the purity are what make Chobits so good anyway.


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