Ch6 God Marzteria (USA) and God Fia (North Korea)

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#1 by 5pm
2018-11-10 at 17:33
In chapter six, if you replace kami (god) to kuni (nation), the dialogue between miksuana (Marzteria’s side) and avaro (the protagonist) have a resemblance in relation between USA and North Korea last year. Marzteria as USA, some other utsutsukamis as United Nation and Fia as North Korea.

It was concluded by Marzteria (the strongest god in military) and some other utsutsukamis (the present gods) that guarakuuna jousai (a mobile weapon) to be destroyed because it is bad for the world. Guarakuuna jousai itself is claimed by Fia (one of utsutsukamis) as her body so to destroy the weapon mean to destroy her.

Just in this instance I saw kim jong un’s shadow in Avaro :)
Avaro : “ore tachi no chikara o Marzteria ni misete yarouze!...uchi no kami-san, ijimetenjaneeyo!!” (Lets show our power to Marzteria!...don’t bully our god-san!!)
Miksuana : “seigi ha ware ni ari!” (justice is with us!)

Utsutsukami, the present gods or gods of the new world, and inisiegami, the old gods that were lost in the war of gods too resembling allied and axis in world war 2. Allied = USA, UK, etc, and Axis = Third Reich (Nazi), Japan Empire, etc. Back then, there was a Japan Empire (inisiegami) but today there is only Japan (utsutsukami). In Ikusa Megami world setting, everything related to inisiegami are forbidden/taboo/dangerous, just the same as Nazi.


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