Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vn

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#1 by marantana
2018-11-13 at 16:02
In several vn I recently read I noticed that authors (or translators) as well as artists seem to have a gross misconception of the internal anatomy of women.

Sometimes - concluding from dialogues in h scenes - they seem to use vagina, cervix and uterus interchangeably (English version of Killer Queen), and in particular seem to believe the ejaculate enters the uterus ("fill my baby room", "cum a lot into my uterus", '...dick entered the cervix...', '...came so much her uterus couldn't hold any more...' etc.).

The worst example I encountered was in Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. (engl. "Ditzy Demons..."), where the "x-ray inserts" actually show ejaculate splashing around in a very crude and wrong drawing of a vagina w/penis and uterus, which basically looked like an inflated balloon with the mouth piece (cervix) open.

I really wonder if the writers/artists actually don't know how all this looks and works and never cared to research (perhaps because they *think* they *do* know), or if this is some kind of Japanese trope.

What do you think?
#2 by gregory
2018-11-13 at 18:16
Easy answer: The artists are men and don't know how female anatomy looks and works. Why do you think there's so many yaoi VNs where the men have deformed dicks or assholes in the same area that vaginas are supposed to be in?Last modified on 2018-11-13 at 18:18
#3 by sakurakoi
2018-11-13 at 18:37
Difficult answer: It is more arousing that way.
#4 by minah
2018-11-13 at 18:58
Not understanding how the cervix works is a bad porn trope in general, not specifically a Japanese thing.
#5 by bobjr2000
2018-11-13 at 18:58
Moderate answer: I don't think they really care and they draw what is easiest for them even if it is not anatomical correct. For most part is small minority that might take up complaint and as long not going over board bad they probably ignore it as well.
#6 by shroomlord
2018-11-13 at 18:59
My favorites include stuff like "I heard/felt her hymen break/bust" or visually when there's a huuuuuge gap between the vagina and the anus.
#7 by syona
2018-11-13 at 19:22
Hard answer: There's a large portion of eroge artists who are women.
#8 by shining17
2018-11-13 at 19:48
Most likely answer: eroge artists are not doctors nor anatomy experts.Last modified on 2018-11-13 at 19:56
#9 by nyarly
2018-11-13 at 19:57
Actual answer: It's supposed to be arousing, not realistic. Most creators are likely well aware of how it's anatomical nonsense, but realism gets in the way of intent.

It's not too different from how characters in some action anime are able to easily punch rocks to dust, without injuring their hands.
#10 by fuukanou
2018-11-13 at 20:03
#1 you practically can say anything during an h-scene if it sounds good
#11 by sakurakoi
2018-11-13 at 20:09
The Real Answer™: Anime humanoids are obviously not modeled after real humans, just look at their eyes, their hair colors and their personalities~ as well as how females can not help but feel good when in reality they sure are "frigid" (they sure are difficult to please, maybe that's why many prefer pr0n?)
#12 by pabloc
2018-11-13 at 20:23
It's just the good old Hentai Logic™ most of the time. :P

It's not uncommon to see dicks actually penetrating the cervix and reaching all the way into the uterus. Especially in more rape~y titles that feature X-ray cross-sections. And all of that usually doesn't cause any major injuries. Cum reaching the uterus almost seems realistic in comparison. XD
But wait until you bump into stuff like Huge Insertion for example, that again - usually doesn't cause any significant injuries (honorable mention - Walpurgis, where getting raped by oversized monster dick actually resulted in broken bones followed be a few weeks of recovery - that's one of the reasons why I like Ban'ya Izumi ^^). Oh, and then there's All the Way Through of course - hentai-realism at its best. XD

That said, fetish-reasons aside, anatomy tends to be quite awful indeed. That's why I'm not a huge fan of cross-sections in H-scenes... :P
Censorship might be partially responsible for this - who cares about anatomy when everything is going to be pixelated anyway? That approach obviously results in a disaster in Western uncensored releases.

Also, anatomy porn: link (a little NSFW) - there are some minor errors here and there, but it's still leagues better than your average H-anatomy. (Some other pics by that artist might be somewhat detrimental to sanity - you have been warned. :P)

Hard answer: There's a large portion of eroge artists who are women.
Speaking of which, guess who's responsible for art in Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. mentioned in the OP. XDLast modified on 2018-11-13 at 20:24
#13 by dk382
2018-11-13 at 20:55
My personal anatomy pet peeve is most writers' complete misunderstanding of how hymens work. I generally dislike but am willing to accept virgin blood because it has obvious fetishistic purposes, even if it's largely a myth in reality. But the actual placement of the hymen tends to differ from writer to writer, even within the same game, and this can only come down to writer ignorance. Sometimes they're more than halfway up the vagina! Japan, please. Get better sex education.
#14 by pabloc
2018-11-13 at 21:00
Get better sex education.
Easier said than done - they probably have to heavily censor all pictures in their sex education materials. XD
#15 by shonenkun
2018-11-13 at 21:27
I'm not really sure why these topics like "can you understand a woman by playing otome games???", "why is there no pregnancy is sex novels??" or "female anatomy in visual novels" are coming up. It kind of makes me giggle a little. Why do you even expect them to have it? People don't play games/novels to worry about pregnancy, condoms, HIV, skin problems or whatever, they do it to have fun.

Games, visual novels (especially the sexy ones) are not supposed to be real and no one is supposed to research this stuff. Reason? It won't be fun and it will eat up the budget of the game. Would you rather have developers make less content and sit and research the things that 80-90% won't remember? It's perfectly fine to do whatever they want with the story or anatomy in this stuff. It's supposed to be "fun" or "sexy", depending on the story, not "legit". If you want to learn anatomy - that's your personal interest and it has nothing to do with visual novels.

Actually, I even think that this is for the best. Like it or not, but a hentai novel isn't going to be successful if it's "realistic" or "anatomically correct".
I think that people have weird expectations towards sex when they start doing it and when all their past experience was from porn. Things that look nice on the video or on a picture aren't necessarily fun in real sex and it just causes confusion, a person needs to forget what they've learned and study again which is obviously much more difficult than "starting fresh"; when that person knows (!) that what they've witnessed before is nothing but a fantasy and they need to try to learn how the real one works.

The wilder and the less accurate they are, the better it is.Last modified on 2018-11-13 at 21:28
#16 by sakurakoi
2018-11-13 at 21:32
Japan, please. Get better sex education.
This reminds of how I must have had Sex Ed at least thrice (3rd grade, 6th grade and some other time I forgot, yet recall, or at least think to...). I am fairly certain that the location of the hymen was never mentioned. Maybe I can get into contact with my old teachers and ask 'em why~ (by the by, it was always co-ed)

Speaking of which, guess who's responsible for art in Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. mentioned in the OP. XD
I think that is the great inequality of our time! Men can just look at their dicks and testicles but females have to be brave to explore themselves and will still never see the whole picture (even after "it" is done")!
#17 by bobjr2000
2018-11-13 at 22:38
#16 To be fair to US audience with growing obesity rate its no longer so easy to jut look down and see XD
#18 by marantana
2018-11-13 at 22:50
Thanks for all these answers in a wide range of "difficulty" - interesting discussion!

#6, #13 -- yes, those are my number two and three favourites. >10 cm between vag and anus, or the vagina being where the pubic bone is. And yes, I just had the case of a hymen near the end of the vagina. Man that girl had pain like she'd been stabbed in the kidney...

#15 Not even asking #9 what's supposed to be erotic on "x-rays" anyway, but what would be the difference to have e.g. the vulva drawn in the right place, placing the hymen where it should be in the text, and not shooting the load (which is usually so massive it explodes out anyway - that's in fact funny) into the uterus.

#12 interesting comment! thx for the games and the link - actually does look really good.

#16 Even when I was in school in the 1970ies we learned the anatomy/physiology/biochemistry (what little was known then) and about pregnancy and contraception. When my daughter was in that age 12 to 15 years ago, sex ed was near-perfect in any respect including discussions about the differences of porn and reality, stds (they visited the aids help e.g.), partnership, lust and love, just everything.
#11 -- you've got a very good point here...
#19 by marantana
2018-11-13 at 23:07
#12 - wow that artist really has impressive drawings! this one is astonishing too: link
I didn't even know about gelbooru!Last modified on 2018-11-13 at 23:07
#20 by shonenkun
2018-11-13 at 23:28
#18 x-rays are somewhat erotic because they show how deep the penetration is, obviously it's not "realistic" but that's the deal - "oh my gosh, he's tearing her organs". I don't know, some people like it. I don't care about x-ray.

Vulva, hymen etc... again, you can't really know why and you're not supposed to. It's just the vision of those who made the game and maybe they think that it looks sexier that way. I haven't really thought about it since again, I believe that the wilder it is, the better. We shouldn't police anybody for these things, it's their vision of sexiness.
As of the load being huge - again, it's the same thing - sexiness. "Oh my gosh, my load is huge". Plus a big load is easier to spot if they go for the facial or whatever. It tickles more of the fetish.

All of it is a part of the style and like it or not, but this forum is a proof that people do find it sexy. I do, too.Last modified on 2018-11-13 at 23:33
#21 by ktang200
2018-11-13 at 23:30
funny you mention koikuma because the artist for that is female lol
#22 by ffthewinner
2018-11-14 at 00:06
agree with #15. it is simply sexier to draw them that way,and no point in researching them since pretty much no one in the target audience cares.
#23 by kiru
2018-11-14 at 09:46
Well, I've seen "first time" CG, where I wasn't sure if it wouldn't be qualifying as guro already. There's weird shit out there. This is definitely just a fetish though. I think there was (is?) literally a db, that tracks VNs for this stuff. Blood vs. no blood. The latter DOES exist, as rare as it is nowadays.

That said, I don't think we need to argue about anatomy here, when most artists don't even get breasts right, and their size often changes, sometimes even by more than 100%. There are literally people who became fans of flatties because of this. There are a few artists who can do bigger ones alright to even good though, but I personally think there's a line that, if crossed, will always result into ugliness... but that's taste again. I think. Maybe.
#24 by marantana
2018-11-14 at 16:31
#20 Never thought of policing anybody, nor do I oppose these games - I wouldn't play (a lot of) them if I did. It's just that I'm adult (well, even my daughter is...) and a scientist, so I'm always like "omg, do they really *mean* it?").

#23 Right. As a fan of B-C cup breasts irl, I'm always happy when there's a realistic CG. You're right, even when sprites have a reasonable cup size, in the CGs they are a lot bigger most of the time. Basically unmilked one-tit-udders.

#22 Perceived sexiness is something very individual. E.g., I personally usually don't perceive anything larger than D as sexy irl, especially when the woman is naked.
#25 by sakurakoi
2018-11-14 at 16:43
Perceived sexiness is something very individual

and sales are pretty much (an) objective, well, follower and similar counts also.

sure, I also find many E+ cups revolting but with the rise of single mothers so does those "boys" with a mother complex rise in number (and the Netorare boom is caused by another circumstance of our time)~


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