Princess Evangile - gog release

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#1 by marantana
2018-11-14 at 20:26
I asked @MangaGamer when they announced the release on twitter and they replied that the GOG version is 100% the same as the one they sell. They did, however, delete my question and their reply from the thread since. So it seems possible the social media guy was either misinformed or lied.

If anything turns up, I'll reply in this thread before editing it again.
#2 by beliar
2018-11-14 at 20:40
I would be very surprised, because all the other VNs are only available in censored forms on GOG and mods on their forums basically confirmed that the store does not intend to carry fully adult games. Hell, in one case they asked for more censorship from a publisher.

I cannot deny the possibility that hell froze over and they allowed "Princess Evangile" uncensored, but I find it unlikely. Maybe the social media guy was really uninformed...
#3 by marantana
2018-11-14 at 20:48
I gave it a skip- run and it is definitely NOT UNCENSORED!
Now I have to deal with gog and/or mangagamer without a proof of their reply, because of course I didn't take a screenshot of their tweet before they deleted it.

Thanks for being really fast with the revert! I wouldn't have noticed until I actually would have started to play, which might be weeks from now...
#4 by harp
2018-11-14 at 20:54
I think I saw both your tweet, and the reply. In my experience MG has the best support, so do contact them first. If that does not solve it, do request a refund.Last modified on 2018-11-14 at 20:58
#5 by marantana
2018-11-14 at 21:04
That's what I'll do. They were helpful before...
Thanks for the comfirmation.
I already requested a refund, but gog isn't too refund friendly...

I'll write to mangagamer's support anyway, just to let them know. Depending on how it settles iwth gog, I'll then buy the game on mangagamer or they can provide a patch (for free) that works with the gog version. I have several thousand "points" anyway on my account there, because once their bank didn't accept my card and I bought points directly from them via paypal (good support, as you said).
#6 by marantana
2018-11-14 at 21:56
Gog refunded it as a wallet deposit.
I wrote to mangagamer nonetheless to let them know this happened.
#7 by harp
2018-11-14 at 23:28
Ah yeah. My bank lagged there too. So I lost a bit over a thousand points once.....
Lately I've been planning to try European retailers for physical copies, so I haven't bought there in a while. I guess that'll change next time Hapymaher is on sale.

Regardless, I'm happy it sorta worked out. When you get your supply of the Moe fluff that is Princess Evangile, I hope you'll enjoy it.
#8 by marantana
2018-11-15 at 00:09
Thank you! Yes, I'm in the EU too. Vienna, Austria.
I already got it, pirating it without any bad conscience.
I got hapymaher, but haven't played it yet. I've unread vns for ~5.000 hours (I'm slow though, as I wrote elsewhere these days).
Right now I'm playing Loca Love which I supported on kickstarter, but it's not really good so far. Overpriced.

We can continue on my profile's discussion, so we don't bother beliar too much... just reply there if you like.Last modified on 2018-11-15 at 00:10


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