this is not a visual novel

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#1 by gimnacio
2018-11-17 at 00:00
please delete i do not know how to
as shown in this link below in amazon
these is a light novel
#2 by warfoki
2018-11-17 at 00:27
Only mods can delete entries, you cannot. Thanks for reporting it, but please next time use the dedicated thread for such reports: t2108
#3 by terios121
2018-11-17 at 00:48
I Agree with it.
#4 by kominara
2018-11-17 at 02:14
while it is true that the original contributor screwed up by not adding a release (which is admittedly understandable considering the fact that the game has no release date), it is actually a visual novel, which you'd be able to tell if you took literally a single look at the website he linked. please stop making yourself look like a complete idiot.
#5 by krykry
2018-11-17 at 03:05
#4, unfortunately it is not a visual novel. The link leads to fujimishoubo which is a light novel publisher. The novel has 9 volumes of light novel and has been made into a comic with 4 manga volumes
There is a just free 'game-like' bonus (tokuten) to the light novel that has 80mb which I just downloaded, but it's not worth being called a light novel. It's just a light novel's teaser/advert in form of an LN.Last modified on 2018-11-17 at 03:05
#6 by kominara
2018-11-17 at 03:28
#5 It doesn't matter how long it is; it's a visual novel. Just that makes it enough to be included on the database.
#7 by krykry
2018-11-17 at 03:49
#6 Honestly, you could compare it with anime-like video trailers for games and other media. They are anime-like, but they aren't anime, they're still trailers. (uhh, Majikoi?)Last modified on 2018-11-17 at 03:49
#8 by shining17
2018-11-17 at 04:05
#7 There are several VNs here that have nothing but demo/trailer releases; abandoned by their developers. So I think this one still counts even if it is just teaser/trailer/demo version.
#9 by kominara
2018-11-17 at 04:38
#7 Not a valid argument. If you can download it and read it, it's a visual novel. It doesn't depend on whether it's reliant on any other form of media; it just depends on whether or not it's a visual novel. Karakai Simulation Game, True World ~Shinjitsu no Sekai~, and Rewrite: Oka-ken Katsudou Kiroku Gaiden are good examples.

Besides, AniDB has a shitton of Love Live music videos and such, so even on that front your argument is essentially meaningless.
#10 by dk382
2018-11-17 at 05:27
Yeah, if this is an actual piece of software that is presented as a visual novel, then it belongs on this site no matter how short it is.
#11 by 707
2018-11-18 at 08:53
yeah the heroine is even voiced


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