Tennouji Kotarou the useless protagonist

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#1 by veloster
2018-11-26 at 10:58
< report >There are a lot of things to hate in Rewrite especially the art... But what is most hateful is the protagonist..
There is no logical reasoning for this idiot of a protagonist..... He doesn't have the least bit of self respect especially in Akane's route..
Stupid protagonists are quite common in Key's works just like ugly characters..
But Kotarou is just abominable, the voice actor is also annoying and well suited for idiotic characters who are overly emotional but lacking in mental prowess..
There's no stability in his character either, neither is there any acceptable character growth.. When you learn the truth about his age he comes off as a retard..
While it maybe too much to ask uniformity in character habits and approach when different people are making different routes, it should at least be kept in an acceptable range..
In Kotori's route at least he's trying to be something...
In Lucia's route he's an idiot who can't read the mood at all..
In Chihaya's route he's kind of a good guy but totally lacking in intelligence..
In Shizuru's route he's just suicidal..
In Akane's route he has the mindset of a slave.....

And of course I still curse Key for the ugly characters which were probably made ugly intentionally considering this novel was not made in 2005... KID had much better looking characters before 2000 and sadly they went bankrupt.. How unfair...
#2 by sakurakoi
2018-11-26 at 11:20
< report >It's Key, what do you expect? There can't be "impactful" drama for them unless it is not forced and they obviously force it through "inexplicable events" (en masse, all unnatural, always bad save for the deus ex machina miracle at the end) and protagonists acting like "that" (simply too stupid and at the best/worst of times). They do not focus on writing well but writing something entertaining that is seen as written well by too many to make money.

They claim to be making unique works (or trying to, it was in an interview relating to the Clannad KS IIRC) but of course their works follow the same "nakige"-formula which of course becomes synonymous with Comedy*+Exaggerated Drama(+Happy End) since normal Comedy+Drama(+Happy End) already exist and are even seen as emotional enough to "cry" about. Likewise with (+Bad End) or tragedy exist but some creators just go out of their way to make their characters' lives literal hell.

*Comedy may also Slice of Life and Moe as different types of "light-hearted" sections.

In short, there'd be no drama if the protagonist was actually capable or perhaps the story would be even worse, like having more "inexplicable events"~
#3 by funnerific
2018-11-26 at 12:28
< report >Since he's different depending on the route, I don't see the point of this poll. I really like him in Terra and none of your suggested options suit me. Remember that the game is written by 3 different people.Last modified on 2018-11-26 at 12:28
#4 by kitsune-chan
2018-11-26 at 15:58
< report >Dunno, for me Key vn have some of the best, most fitting protagonist ¯\_(ツ)\_/¯ Wouldn't call Kotarou my favourite one, but he was perfect for Rewrite's story and its routes.
#5 by mich
2019-05-01 at 23:28
< report >I agree. The Rewrite story-writing overall is terrible and over the place, all characters only acts as the plot dictates, they have no long term goals and their bad actions aren't even questioned. Everything is so badly exagerated and illogical it felt like the writer really didn't know what he was writing about which is imperative for such fiction, noone would give a fuck if all the supernatural is so badly explained and exposed.

The girls are probably fine but boys are just annoying. The only route that's probably good is Lucia's one as it has great build-up and decent romance (that's given cause it's writing by author of Higurashi) but its end goes downhill too as it gets over the top with all the action and kills (almost like Tanaka shifted it that way himself). The another good one is probably Moon but even that is riddled with ridiculous amount of bad random fights (and those were also the problem even in the other routes).

The Terra is probably the worst as it's one big trainwreck and main character is so annoying it was pain to read. Shizuru can be fine but it doesn't work by itself and the same is true about Kotori's route. Akane has Kotarou act like retard and I didn't really like how edgy he was. And Chihaya route that overexagerated shonen trope up the roof was so ridiculous I really had problem to even finish it.

The girls characters are written likeable though and storyless slice-of-life scenes aren't bad either. It's just the story and the main character with other males that really sucks.
#6 by diabloryuzaki
2019-05-02 at 04:36
< report >i'm kinda disagree with vote options and despite hate opinion to rewrite, i think it is more complex than what you think.
this vn start from solving mystery from kazamatsuri until to reach a possibility where earth still present after re-evolution process. if you read and hope icha-icha or funny development only then you choose wrong vn from wrong developer. in the other words, Key always have hidden intent when they create a vn so don't judge base on the cover only

the art is ugly. this is too vague because people have different value for it. the most simple example is try to compare yu-no art style between old and renew base on 2 perspective. the first is people who have long experience to japanese vn art since before 2000 or 2005 and found that yu-no old art more appeal with adult nuance. but for people who only have experience to japanese vn art since 2010 until now might see that new art of yu-no more ease to see rather than the old one. for rewrite, maybe you didn't like how hinoue itaru draw character design for key because you see it as ugly but from key maniac, hinoue itaru drawing itself is Key characteristic and without it you will not feel Key like in their game.

regarding why i disagree with you vote option is your option too simple when you want people to vote about kotarou as protagonist. what kind of stupid people who only give 1 positive, 3 negative and 1 vague options to choose.
from my perspective, kotarou represent how modern boy who only have half ass education from his parent react to society. half ass education that i mean is his parent didn't give enough attention to him and their education orientation is not normal for normal high school boy like attend seminar about nature at gaia. society in this term refer to how kotarou respond adult irresponsibility that forced to him that even still not adult enough to accept it. i think the writer want to give us how to see kotarou solve his problem if he has this kind of background and what kind of ending he will reach with that kind of background. while in terra, you will find that kotarou expression make you to vomit, conversely in this route kotarou become more realist and represent to "why i must agree with this stupid conclusion when i even didn't wish for it", of course most of the reader will find this expression become too hard for them. but when you see kotarou from common route, you will find that he is funny enough to find spare time to "play" with yoshino and enjoy his youth time but suddenly meet supernatural phenomenon that he yearn to fill his youth time. very contrast right? but you disagree or even reject it with terrible written character? haha, then you choose wrong vn to read dude. go to read dracu riot from yuzusoft, it is more easy to read rather than rewrite and have more moe chara design that not like what key have in their game lol
#7 by ducky32
2023-03-18 at 16:11
< report >I have read tons of visual novels and I honestly think that Kotarou is my favourite visual novel protagonist of all time. I just love that dork and I find him very enjoyable as a protagonist with interesting character development.


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