What the actual fuck is this art

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#1 by n4sh
2018-12-06 at 18:12

I've seen many things. Damn low quality art, horrid mistakes on the character bodies and postures. But this. This is NIGHTMARE FUEL WHAT THE HELL.
#2 by sakurakoi
2018-12-06 at 18:22
This reminds me of another contemporary issue with the anime style and its eyes which may not only be on the lower half of a face, entirely, but on the space between them one can park the average mecha with room to spare~
#3 by kominara
2018-12-06 at 18:30
if you think this is bad, look at Ohanabatake Run
#4 by tomtheerogeman
2018-12-06 at 18:32
Probably why that artist didn't work on any other games on his own after that.
#5 by gregory
2018-12-06 at 18:38
Ooyari Ashito is awful too. And I thought I was terrible at drawing faces!Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 18:46
#6 by eacil
2018-12-06 at 19:08
I had no meat for my next barbecue but now I have the body of gregory, the guy who think he draws better than Ooyari-sensei. Party at my place tonight, don't forget to bring the non-alcoholic beverages and your daughters. xxxx
#7 by beliar
2018-12-06 at 19:20
Ooyari Ashito is awful too. And I thought I was terrible at drawing faces!
Dude... Do you have a suicidal wish of being murdered in a dark alley?... -.-'
#8 by sakurakoi
2018-12-06 at 19:44
Well, to be fair... link kinda looks scary if you look to closely. Otherwise I actually have nothing against that style (not at all) but dat forehead and dat head shape is definitely overdoing it.

Glad that at least the shape is less "detailed" in future works but excuse me (since I won't apologize) if (NSFW) link I am neither fond of the giant forehead nor of the minuscule nipples, sure, I am not one who is fond of giant areola either but it should be obvious that balance is best.
#9 by gregory
2018-12-06 at 19:48
I barely know who Ooyari is but I can say with absolute conviction that his characters are absolutely hideous, worse than the artist for the maid VN mentioned above. Do you guys actually think his characters are cute? Bleh. The first time I saw his art on JAST's website months ago my first words were definitely "the fuck is that?!"Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 19:48
#10 by sakurakoi
2018-12-06 at 20:05
On the bright side (for me~), there should not be any grilled fish on eacil's barbecue since someone else definitely gathers the hate simply through not explaining at all what he does not like.
#11 by gregory
2018-12-06 at 20:16
I personally don't see why you would protect Ooyari so much or what's so good about him.

Ok, I don't like his art because the faces do not look human. The eyes are too big and spaced apart, the chins look very deformed, and the foreheads are too big. The characters always look like they're staring into a void as they're sucking my soul away. To best describe it, all of his character's look like they have hydrocephalus and a few extra chromosomes. Not what I consider "cute" or "attractive".Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 20:24
#12 by siliparion
2018-12-06 at 22:20
You want deformed, I give you Sei Shoujo. Putting aside how he gives even supposed lolis big breasts and asses the head of his characters is just tiny compared to their body. Since his style attempts to be more realistic it goes straight into the uncanny valley.

If only his writing could make up for his art. But no, it's also pretty bad.
#13 by gregory
2018-12-06 at 22:59
While I agree his ahegao faces are ugly, Sei at least has a better grasp of shading and anatomy than most artists I've seen here lol
#14 by kominara
2018-12-06 at 23:47
Sure, Ooyari has the whole eye spacing thing, but you're delusional if you think it's nearly as bad as this game, the artist I linked, or something like the cover of Harukazedori ni, Tomarigi o., you're delusional. I'm far from Ooyari's biggest fan, but his characters definitely aren't "hideous".

Sei...again, not his biggest fan. That's mostly because of his T&A fixation and his realistic artstyle. But again, I would certainly never call it bad, and he's actually a pretty damn good writer by nukige standards; there's a reason why Bible Black is so often held up as one of the crowning achievements of the genre.
#15 by bobjr2000
2018-12-07 at 00:02
ugly contest ya :) I got my contestant up next

#16 by warfoki
2018-12-07 at 02:09
I dunno, it's almost as if whether something is atheistically pleasing or not (aka "good" art) would be entirely subjective...

Well, no comment on the linked Maid VN, to me it just seems irredeemably bland and boring. Ooyari is fucking weird. Not bad, but took a while to get used to his style in Period, but once I did I had no problems with it, if anything it made the experience more memorable (in a good way).

Well, if we are talking about hentai artist, here are my personal favorites without any specific order:

Butcha-U - Not much to say aside of that he's one of the artists whose work I instantly recognize, despite being... artistically challenged myself. Hits home with most of my kinks and fantasies too.

Kagami Hirotaka - Black Lilith is probably my favorite nukige company out there. it provides plenty of BDSM themes, monster rape, gangbangs and the like, but it's also so over the top that it's next to impossible to take it seriously. Which is a good thing for me. There are a couple of amazing mangakas out there with amazing artsyles, but whose stories I just can't read because it just depresses the shit out of me with their more-or-less realistic depiction of rape, human trafficking and the like. I just can't. Kagami Hirotaka though? Yeah, I can fap to his works without feeling like an absolute piece of shit afterwards.

Jacky - Probably the best tentacle-porn artist out there. And to anyone furiously typing to disprove that, don't bother, your opinion sucks and is plain wrong. :P

Sakura Romako - If I'd have to name a favorite on this list, he'd be the one probably. Love the artstyle altogether, but mostly I love his mangas featuring hot, fully consensual lesbian BDSM. Like, consensual BDSM in hentai is so fucking rare already, that I could have a blast even with a cheap nukige like Tsundere Idol wa Boku Dake no M Pet ~Ippai Shitsukete Goshujin-sama no LOVE Seishi de Haramitaino♪~ just because finally a nukige where the woman WANTS to be dominated from start to finish, no mindbreak, hypnosis, drugs, magic, etc. Like link and link are the hottest fucking shit I've read in my entire life, no contest. I still like his other works, like the stuff done for Tsurumiku, but, that kinda falls in the same category as Oyster: great artwork, but I just can't. It's too depressing / rage inducing.

Sei Shoujo - Ok, so I like his artstyle a lot. I know, he draws most of his characters the exact same way just with different hair, I know that the heads are disproportionately small compared to the bodies and all that. It's still hot and he nails a LOT of my specific fetishes, so yeah. Also, Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis- was my first ever VN and I fucking loved it.* Still do. I'm fully convinced that it's one of the best combination of hard sex and interesting storyline, without going down the deep end in being fucked up.

*Bit of an unrelated storytime on this one: I got internet connection at home in 2007. After a short while I ran into 4chan. Had no idea what that was, I just heard that all those funny images called "memes" came from there, so why not. Had no idea which letter represented what, so I just went from /a/ in alphabetical order. Never really got past /d/. /d/ in 2007-ish was my fist ever exposure to hentai. I clearly remember the moment when the page first loaded in. The top post was, I quote "Insect rape! GOGOGO!", with the top picture being a girl being raped in the ass by a gigantic cockroach. I was like "that's nasty, disgusting, vile and also what the actual fuck.... so, why the fuck do I have confused boner right now?!" (When I scrolled down, the second post I think was about dicknipples, so, yeah, was an interesting start...) I got Bible Black from there too, people were recommending porn games and that one had a cool, satanistic sounding name (I was in my black/death metal phase, shutup!), so I tried that first.Last modified on 2018-12-07 at 02:10
#17 by komocakeps
2018-12-07 at 02:12
Ohanabatake Run

those eyes. whose eyes are those eyes? no really, what's with those eyes?

Ooyari Ashito

oh yeah, the fuck indeed is this? is that really watercolor? also yeah, dat forehead and dat head shape.

Harukazedori ni, Tomarigi o.

the chibi faces are more than passable imo

I get it, anime art is starting to look more and more the same, but all these I can't even. this isn't unique art, this is just deformation and gore, the art.
#18 by kominara
2018-12-07 at 03:02
I got Bible Black from there too, people were recommending porn games and that one had a cool, satanistic sounding name (I was in my black/death metal phase, shutup!), so I tried that first.

The only thing the name Bible Black makes me think of is King Crimson.

the chibi faces are more than passable imo

The tachi-e are actually okay. It's just that the cover art delivers a massive shock right out of the gate with those fisheyes. Other than that, it just looks like pretty normal moe art.
#19 by siliparion
2018-12-07 at 06:34
#14 #16 I could write paragraphs about what's wrong with Sei Shoujo's writing but for the sake of brevity I will just say this: he sets up ridiculous, over-the-top situations and expects the reader to take them 100% seriously. The only reason his plots don't collapse on themselves is because the characters, especially the protagonists, are COMPLETELY RETARDED. Discipline and Starless are arguably the worst in that regard while Bible Black is probably his best work due to the supernatural elements making it easier to suspend your disbelief (Minase is also less stupid than usual).Last modified on 2018-12-07 at 06:37
#20 by kazeno
2018-12-07 at 07:29
I don't get this topic. There is some pretty good stuff in these examples. Sei Shoujo's style, for example, it's definitely unusual but it doesn't even come near as bad. And I don't even like the themes he draws.
#21 by shining17
2018-12-07 at 08:29
Different folks, different strokes, it's just a matter of preferences.
#22 by eacil
2018-12-07 at 09:19
Someone didn't get that Starless and Discipline are everything but first degree. I mean, how is that possible to think it has to be taken "100% seriously" when the Mistress is forcing you to put a bulge inducing leotard on. Don't talk about writing when you are not even able to detect when something is deliberately silly and you call it a plot hole. That sure is ridiculous because I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.Last modified on 2018-12-07 at 09:52
#23 by warfoki
2018-12-07 at 10:56
I... really don't think that Discipline was ever supposed to be taken 100% seriously. I mean it had the main antagonist pilot a fighter jet with no training to blow up part of her own school and she shot down JDF jets in the process without a single consequence, because "important family". There's also a very obvious Great Teacher Onizuka parody going on with Ogiwara Eikichi. I had quite a few laughs and I'm quite sure that it was on purpose. I'm still not a huge fan of the plot and I think it was a step back from Bible Black to be sure, but to claim that it was supposed to be 100% dead serious is just... ridiculous.
#24 by siliparion
2018-12-07 at 15:03
Discipline has some funny moments admittedly but no matter how absurd Leona's behavior is she is taken absolutely seriously as a villain by the story itself and her actions have real consequences, which aren't treated humorously by the narrative at all.

Starless is even worse, the tone in that game is relentlessly bleak. Every internal monologue, every discussion between Sawatari and Mitarai is about how horrible the Mamiyas are and how they must endure everything to stay alive... and you're telling me I'm supposed to find this funny?

There's a real dissonance between the tone of these stories and how ridiculous the situations are. If you are right and you are supposed to laugh then the tone makes it difficult. If you are supposed to take the drama seriously then the situations are too absurd to be realistic. I don't think I'm being ridiculous there.

Btw nice aggressiveness guys.Last modified on 2018-12-07 at 15:12
#25 by warfoki
2018-12-07 at 16:36
Ok, so ever heard of tongue-in-cheek, black comedy, tragicomedy or number of other ways to mix dark tone with comedy? Your idea that a work is either straight-up drama or straight-up comedy and nothing in between is... interesting. Also, I haven't read Starless, but there's a clear dissociation between how the reader and how the in-universe protagonist are supposed to feel about things in Discipline. Like Ogiwara Eikichi is a blatantly obvious GTO parody and thus funny if you are familiar with what it references. Funny, that is for you, the reader, for the protagonist his downfall is played straight with no comedy attached.

This is kinda how parody and lot of comedy works: the characters in-universe are not aware that they are in a comedy or a situation supposed to funny, *for them*. If they are, then we are talking about metafiction specifically.

Again, I'm not a huge fan of the storytelling of Discipline. I think it could have been written in a much better way and I do find the whiplash between comedic and serious parts to be jarring. But your idea that the story was written with an intention to be taken 100% seriously is just blatantly and objectively wrong.Last modified on 2018-12-07 at 16:37


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