How to unlock "appraisal"(expert opinion) option ?

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#1 by phantasm
2018-12-08 at 14:35
I'm now on chapter 3 and the option is still greyed out.
Anyone know what is the unlock trigger ? Rank up the title ?Last modified on 2018-12-08 at 15:43
#2 by harleyquin
2018-12-08 at 15:28
Help the dwarf out with her inventions. Eventually she'll ask to join your party as a contracted member. Keep doing her events and she'll ask the player to invest 1000 in her new ID kit. Once that option is unlocked, she can identify unknown equipment both at the shop and when in the party.
#3 by phantasm
2018-12-08 at 15:43
So is it normal that I am on Chapter 3 and yet seen no event of her ?
#4 by harleyquin
2018-12-08 at 16:02
I think I got her appraisal kit done by late chapter 2.
#5 by phantasm
2018-12-08 at 16:08
Damn, I must have missed something. Guess I will try to pass more days and see anything come up.
#6 by fureiyus
2018-12-08 at 16:46
Pretty such you can get her at any chapter until the last one, but you won't be in time to unlock her events for her to be a permanent friend.

For those stuck, just buy the items in her store, usually on the top left , the first 1 being a sword in red . You will have to equip and use it in battle. (Equip it on Jedaru and use your default attack or something)

After you're done, she will invent more crazy items such as hammer, armor and bomb which you need to equip and use in battle. After all that, she can be hired and appraisal will be unlocked.Last modified on 2018-12-08 at 16:57


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