Bizarre game is bizarre

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#1 by barfboy
2018-12-08 at 21:10
First off, this game is TOO DAMNED LONG.

Second, impregnation is meaningless. I'm just here to warn you all so nobody gets their hopes up only to have them dashed. Play it if you like this stuff, but don't go into it with the wrong idea of what's about to happen. It seems Hiroki woke up one day to discover that the world was remade into an eroge with eroge rules and it seems Hiroki is stuck in an impregnation game. That means.

1. Girls get impregnated all the time.
2. Girls brag about being impregnated to their friends all the time.
3. Girls get impregnated but never pregnant ... because?

There is no explanation for how other than 'lol eroge rules'. Which means girls cry out during sex 'no, not inside, it's not a safe day, I'll have a baby, I'm not ready to be a mother!' then their pregnancy tests come back positive only for them to do it again next week.

This is stupid. Impregnating a girl without pregnancy makes the entire affair hollow. The only thing you're left with is the dialog. I don't know how this could be a turn on for someone (but hey, maybe?) but there you have it. It DOES add an interesting dynamic where the girls compete with who's impregnated most is therefore Hiroki's favorite but I find it a completely hollow victory.
#2 by sakurakoi
2018-12-08 at 22:38
My humble guess is that the VN is simply afraid of touching the topic of abortion too much hence why it is merely implied. After all, being pregnant is seen as status symbol, not having children. It's not rare anyway that works make little sense, leave lot of room for interpretation and are incidentally seen as "kamige", even describing an NTR tentacle bad end as so emotional, perfectly mirroring the depths of human depravity and whatever else bull-dung is claimed.

I'd by the by not be surprised if the only one who seemingly contradicts the premise (do not impregnate) already has it in her description that she is basically "practicing".

This pretty much is as bizarre as the copy&paste boobies, by the by it'd be the latter which bothers me more and ultimately. Whether it is "too long" sure depends on the pace and number of H scenes, it appears that here one is simply forced to play all routes, well, it is called Harem Game after all, there is little point if you do not like them all. This is a Nukige, the "bizarre" circumstances is what serves as spice and you do happen to not like cumin.
#3 by kratoscar2008
2018-12-09 at 00:18
Well impregnation doesnt exactly means pregnant sex, its more of a role play thing. I have known many people that like impregnation but dont particularly enjoy pregnancy sex.
#4 by barfboy
2018-12-09 at 06:14
It's not abortion.

When he's having sex with his twin sister in the clothing store (after she got pregnant already) she begs him to pull out because she doesn't want more than 1 baby. He doesn't and she gets pregnant a second time.

This is a week after her first pregnancy. If she had aborted the first child saying she didn't want a second makes no sense. It's just a weird situation created by crazy eroge rules. The girls are also constantly ovulating (at least his sister is) 3 months into the game he's impregnated his sister over 6 times, since he didn't start having sex with her for several weeks of game time this is about 1 time per week. The game covers a year and a half of time so you can imagine how often she's impregnated over that span. If the girls are aborting these kids off screen they would need time to recover before getting pregnant again. This is pure fantasy.

#3 it's not for me but I'm sure it's for someone. It's also something like 50 hours long. I'm was well over 20 hours in and far less than halfway through running at the standard autoplay rate


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