What happened to Koyonplete?

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#1 by yuemei
2018-12-08 at 21:32
I don't know if anyone has posted it before, but if yes, I tried searching it up, so I'm sorry if I seem to be blind.

Anyway, this question lingered in the air for already more than a year, but I never got the chance to actually post about it, so here I am.

What happened to Koyonplete?

I do not remember them posting any sort of announcement of discontinuing or taking down their games. I remember people talking about the sudden shut down, including myself--especially since I was playing one of their lesser known games which does not seem to be listed on VNDB as well (My Ex's Brother - May I Love You).

If anyone knows what exactly happened, please, give me and the fandom some clearance on what it was.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!Last modified on 2018-12-08 at 21:32


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