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#1 by jjredster
2018-12-12 at 02:39
It's driving me nuts since it's sitting at 98%, implying there's dialogue I haven't seen yet (despite having 100% CGs and Music).

So I figured I'd ask, has anyone managed to see the word(s) above "Noritama" and the word(s) above "Pickled Ginger"?
#2 by suriys
2018-12-13 at 21:13
Above "Noritama" is ''Noriben''.

Above ''Pickled Ginger'' is ''Pachinko Balls''.

I'd guess they come from the battle sequences.
#3 by jjredster
2018-12-29 at 07:05
@2 Ah, that figures. The mechanic I utilize the least holds all the keys. Thanks for the help.
#4 by cruus
2019-02-28 at 21:03
If you didn't find them already -

Pachinko balls is from picking Kurugaya+Kud for the trial of courage @ May 24.

Noriben is from pairing up Masato with Mio in Kurugayas route when they give Riki love advice.

Looking for the last word(s) of column B, K, and whatever is in between Pickled ginger and Pop up Pirate myself if anyone remembers where they got those.
#5 by pomidorka20142
2019-10-09 at 08:14
I'm looking for the last word of column K too. Plus I need a word between Okinawa and Okonomiyaki.
If anybody could help (at least say what are these words) it would be really appreciated.Last modified on 2019-10-09 at 08:19
#6 by suriys
2019-10-09 at 15:08
@5 The last word of column K is ''Kojiki''. The other one I don't have either.


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