Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...

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#1 by lightning-rod
2018-12-13 at 19:08
< report >... with his retarded script changes nobody asked for.

-Honorifics fucked with.
-Chiho's Onii-chan removed.
-Mahiru's third person speech removed.
-Spanish outta nowhere.

He does it for the attention. I'm damn sure of it.
He should stick to ruining Rance with his nameshit.
Fucking hell.
#2 by stormwolf
2018-12-13 at 19:51
< report >Well, these idiots have it in their mind that after it's translated then it shouldn't be in japan anymore, but rather an western setting. It's through the roof stupid. 90% of readers i'm sure have a small degree of understanding of what's being said, at least common phrases and the shitty translator changes it. Hopefully he has a forced change of work after this.
#3 by Mutsuki
2018-12-13 at 20:14
< report >You know I'm surprised why translators even bother with how terrible the critiques they get. If you want Japanese language and culture quirks... learn Japanese. If you can't read it because you're too lazy or don't have enough time or patience to learn... then deal with what you've been given (English language and culture quirks).
#4 by eltonan
2018-12-13 at 20:16
< report >Wow, I didn't realise Arunaru was that controversial. I mean I had heard rumours on the wind but I've never seen anyone actually trash talk him before.

Granted I'm not in the category of those 90% people who's consumed so much Japanese media they can understand certain phrases just by how much they've heard them before. So the only change I've ever been able to pick up upon is Gurigura referring to Aster as Onii-chan in Evenicle getting dropped.Last modified on 2018-12-13 at 20:22
#5 by anonymous
2018-12-13 at 21:12
< report >all your salt is fucking hilarious

Let me break this down:

- can't find any information on the honorifics
- Oh no, they took out "Onii-chan"! Next thing you know, they'll be taking away our 大好きs and our 学園s as well! Where the hell did these translators get the idea that they were supposed to translate our games?
- While I do think that the third-person speech could have easily been kept in, you have to understand that the connotations are very different in the US than in Japan. It really depends on the translator's preference, and, yet again, it doesn't actually affect the quality of the translation.
- It's not "out of nowhere". In the original script, the character was talking in broken English. In the translation, it's broken Spanish.The localization choice is questionable, though.

A couple of localization choices you disagree with does not a bad localization make. I have yet to see anybody point out any actual errors with Aru's translations that aren't pedantic name-bickering or weird jokes. If you can find any, I'd be happy to concede.Last modified on 2018-12-13 at 21:13
#6 by then00bavenger
2018-12-13 at 21:49
< report >As far as I can tell the Arunaru dissing is just a meme that started with Rance fans on 4chan butthurt over not using the terms they were used to and not out of any actual bad translation
#7 by eltonan
2018-12-13 at 22:57
< report >As far as I'm aware MangaGamer requires translators to pass a translation test before they get hired so Arunaru at least had to done well enough to meet some sort of professional standard.
#8 by anonymous
2018-12-13 at 23:26
< report >#6 While the Arunaru hate bandwagon probably started with his Rance translations, it really started rolling with Evenicle and this game. The honorifics defense force seems to be going all out against him for reasons that barely make any sense. I don't see how leaving out Onii-chan or third person pronouns really makes that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.
Then again, VNTS and /vn/ both love translator drama, and I'm pretty sure that's the real reason this argument is even going on.

#7 MG obviously has have some sort of screening process for translators, and I'd say it's pretty effective; MG releases tend to be very high-quality compared to many of their competitors. I can't imagine Arunaru would have passed if he's as incompetent as people say he is.
#9 by lightning-rod
2018-12-13 at 23:39
< report >link
I dare you, DOUBLE dare you to defend this shit.
What the FUCK is wrong with you, arunaru.
#10 by anonymous
2018-12-13 at 23:47
< report >#9 Tenderse e relejar, dude.
#11 by sakurakoi
2018-12-13 at 23:55
< report >
it doesn't actually affect the quality of the translation.
well, except when one can actually hear it...

The localization choice is questionable, though.
or to put it more politely: It is utterly ridiculous. Me no hablas espanol! (<-The result of me learning it for 3 years in high school because I refused to pick French and Latin, I had no idea what #10 meant without google-sensei)

MG releases tend to be very high-quality
in terms of grammar, yes, in terms of design, it is, to put it bluntly, questionable. They sure are trying to reach a wider audience by "localizing" the works but that results in that audience being sure less likely to accept Japanese culture, which also includes or rather excludes quirks. And again, one will actually still hear "Onii-chan" or "Mahiru: Mahiru wa...". I by the by think that translating the prior into big bro is acceptable unless there is also Aniki, Nii-san or alike but "localizing" third-person speech is silly.

I don't see how leaving out Onii-chan or third person pronouns really makes that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.
They actually would not choose such blatant means of westernizing if there was no grand scheme of appealing to an audience which has yet to pick up their works precisely because some many negative connotation to this media is still left and it is the "weeb-language" which is the most glaring problem.

I'm not telling that one should be brave, stick their chests out and try to speak/write Japanese whenever possible but that here is not what one would call a compromise.

on a side note: duuuuude!
#12 by then00bavenger
2018-12-13 at 23:58
< report >What's the problem, don't you want to fuck a prinny.

Though looking into it, she is a bokukko and those are terrible so I can respect the effort to try to portray that awfulness into EnglishLast modified on 2018-12-13 at 23:59
#13 by clorust
2018-12-14 at 00:41
< report >I'm sure there are numerous better ways to translate "onii-chan" for an English audience (if at all) if the character in question isn't actually the MCs imouto, I'd actually prefer it in that case. "Dude" isn't the best substitute in any case, even for a tomboy, possibly one of the worst.
#14 by usagi
2018-12-14 at 00:52
< report >
Oh no, they took out "Onii-chan"!
If only that. They REPLACE all instances of ONII-CHAN whith DUDE thing. It's much much much WORSE!
It looks something like this link for imoutos-fags out there. I am sure they knows very well that "onii-chan" phrase has fetishistic purposes and ruining it by inserting ghetto language instead is huge spit in the face of all moefags. I wonder, do they really know who their primary audience and buyers are and what they want? It seems they just don't - which is very strange, tbh - considering how many years they are in the market.
It's not "out of nowhere". In the original script, the character was talking in broken English. In the translation, it's broken Spanish.The localization choice is questionable, though.
It's not questionable - it's utterly stupid. Why Arunaru then did not try to translate start menu buttons - which in most japanese games are in English - in Spanish then? After all japanese people shouldn't understand English at all - even despite that they are learning it many years in school, isn't it? In fact, however, while in Japan people are bad in English - they had some base understanding at least of common phrases. And despite that Arunaru thinks that adding Spanish instead of easily uderstandable Engrish with, for example, italic font - thus forcing readers to use Spanish dictionary each time it's happens - is pleasant and convenient way to play the game. While japanese readers are easiily reading it as is. Oh, well. I just don't want even begin to mention that Spanish language is destroying athmosphere of japanese setting utterly.

One explanation I would have for "onii-chan" choice by Arunaru is that they decided to jump on Patreon bandwagon of being sjw incest-haters and tried to abolish every mention or hint on possible taboo things in western society. Which if it's true is not making Arunaru person for me any more pleasant.Last modified on 2018-12-14 at 01:10
#15 by rainspectre
2018-12-14 at 02:01
< report >"It's the SJWs fault!"

You realize how that makes you sound, right?
#16 by eltonan
2018-12-14 at 02:28
< report >Just my two cents: In all fairness, Dude does seem like a pretty questionable translation choice for onii-chan. Also I'm pretty sure MangaGamer doesn't give a fuck about western sensibilities considering they'll happily localise something like Imouto Paradise.Last modified on 2018-12-14 at 05:51
#17 by bobjr2000
2018-12-14 at 02:33
< report >#9 idk sounds like one of my every day conversations.
#18 by anonymous
2018-12-14 at 02:44
< report >#14 Since when was "dude" "ghetto language"?

(I actually don't like this word choice that much, but I'll still try to defend it if no one else will.)

Onii-chan and Onii-san have a somewhat broad usage; aside from the obvious definition of "older brother", they're also used as familiar terms. Considering this usage, and since the character in question doesn't appear to be his sister, translating it as "dude" is not, theoretically speaking, bad. Sure, in practice it looks kind of ridiculous, especially in the H-scenes, but I still don't think that this is the massive translation ruiner that you all think it is.
#19 by iisderp
2018-12-14 at 02:51
< report >Apparently someone is working on a patch to fix the dude crap. there is a version of the game floating around that has yuki changed to yuuki but i dont know where to get the patch without torrenting the entire game.
#20 by lightning-rod
2018-12-14 at 03:01
< report >Got you covered:
#21 by sakurakoi
2018-12-14 at 03:21
< report >
but I still don't think that this is the massive translation ruiner that you all think it is.
Now listen up, buster!



(Seriously, the only reason why this idiocy is not utterly massive is simply thanks to the fact that one can just replace it easily. This does not excuse those ridiculous choices though which are by no means rare.)
#22 by iisderp
2018-12-14 at 03:24
< report >#20 Thanks my dude

btw, where did you find this, that way I can look out for the patch that fixes dudeLast modified on 2018-12-14 at 03:25
#23 by komocakeps
2018-12-14 at 03:33
< report >
They REPLACE all instances of ONII-CHAN whith DUDE thing. It's much much much WORSE!

well then good to know. skipping this one entirely. plus this title reaaaaally looks like some generic moege crap.

#18 stop. please, just stop. stop defending crap. you'll just end up looking crap yourself. no one is defending this because it is dumb and crap.Last modified on 2018-12-14 at 03:35
#24 by anonymous
2018-12-14 at 03:52
< report >#23 Well then, how would you translate Onii-chan? Other than directly romanizing it. Protip: If you say Big Brother or any variation thereof, you're showing a complete lack of knowledge about the Japanese language and only proving that Arunaru was right.

The only part of the localization is indefensible is the Yuuki->Yuki change. And I'll gladly call Arunaru out for that. In fact, I'll even call him out for the gratuitous Spanish. But I really don't see what your problem is with anything else, other than possibly sheer idiocy.
#25 by anonymous
2018-12-14 at 03:54
< report >Yeah, I believe the whole "Dude" thing was a mistake. However, there's some logic behind the other changes:

MC tends to use broken english sometimes, and that got changed to broken spanish instead. From a TLer point of view, it makes perfect sense. Though I feel it doesn't quite work out as intended in this case, my logic being:
English is taught in Japan as part of their School curriculum; so when a Japanese reader is confronted with broken english, he'll at least understand some of it. Spanish, however, is rarely taught through the English speaking world; so when an English reader is confronted by it, he won't be able to understand it. Even worse, people that know English as a second language (that don't know Spanish natively, of course) won't be able to understand it at all.
It's a common localization problem arising from the fact that English is Lingua Franca, and there's no satisfying way to handle it, really.
The execution in this case not being the best, but not entirely wrong.

About 3rd person speech, I believe Decay made a good post about it here. But here's another take on it by Quof.

Also I don't believe Honorifics were touched besides Onii-chan. But yeah "Dude" replacing it was definitely a mistake.