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#1 by lomachello
2018-12-19 at 13:18
No news from the staff... Very strange.
#2 by gregory
2018-12-19 at 15:37
It is, but the managers at the JASTBlue Discord say that is still in development and will be translated into English.
#3 by lomachello
2018-12-19 at 18:26
Do you mean in development is Japanese version? And how long we have to wait for their release and also JAST Blue localization? Andy news about it? There are many people who wait this novel for a long time already.
#4 by coldnobility
2019-03-11 at 20:18
#3 its not even released yet, be patient. Its release in 2020 so it will be after that year at the soonest (prob)Last modified on 2019-03-12 at 03:54


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