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#1 by j-paradaise
2018-12-27 at 03:07
< report >feel free to discuss your fave route and why.
and of course please keep the spoilers at the minimum. (or hide them if they needed to be said)

And if you happen to vote more than one heroine, feel free to tell why in the comments.
#2 by darkquest
2019-01-03 at 10:02
< report >Ayame’s route feels like there is a missing part or a cliffhanger feel in it.
#3 by danteas
2019-01-03 at 18:21
< report >#2 what do you mean
#4 by darkquest
2019-01-04 at 02:07
< report >For me it feels as if there is something lacking in that story. In my opinion.
#5 by danteas
2019-01-04 at 07:58
< report >#4 just finished her route, I think I understand
#6 by vnbar
2019-01-08 at 09:12
< report >Rinka had the best route in my opinion, with Yuuki second. I liked Ayame the most, but her story towards the end gets really bad...
#7 by matmic
2019-01-08 at 12:09
< report >Maya was the best girl. Sad she didn't have a route.
#8 by bossybear11
2019-01-16 at 16:11
< report >Maybe #2 and #3 got normal ending? normal ending doesn't have the epilogue yeah, but I think the confession end of her isn't a cliffhanger especially the epilogue after the ending/credit movie, Its just really bad in english translation because english word without the japanese/english dub really feel empty/not deep enough. Ending with Happy Birthday than Tanjoubi Omedetou are really different in deeper meaning.

Or maybe you feel something are not explained enough because it's your first route.
I too feel the development in the normal/confession route of Ayame are really fast, but when it's Ayame's Cupid Flower route their development are so disgustingly slow and a bit annoying after experiencing her fast paced normal & confession route.Last modified on 2019-01-16 at 16:37
#9 by taco
2019-01-19 at 11:38
< report >Wow people really liked Rinka and I think I'm the only one who didn't. I'm also surprised how every normal ending was better than confession one. Nevertheless Yuuki route is my favorite but I wish Maya had one.Last modified on 2019-01-19 at 14:28
#10 by bossybear11
2019-01-20 at 16:25
< report >I agree, Normal end for every girl are so much better than confession end in storywise and flow of the story (at least for Mahiru route, normal end is so much better than her confession end).Last modified on 2019-01-20 at 16:26
#11 by danteas
2019-01-20 at 17:07
< report >#8 to be honest i liked the normal ending more, at least ayame enjoyed her school life. To me they pulled the whole drama from their asses, to be honest neither endings satisficed me
#12 by risingchaos
2019-01-21 at 06:33
< report >Yuuki I prefer the confession ending and though I'd say I prefer the resolution of Rinka's normal ending, it's kinda hard to compare her two since her confession ending is given the "true route" treatment and doubles the length of the route.

@9: What specifically did you dislike about Rinka's route? Do you just not like the heavyhanded drama similar to Ayame's? Even so, I thought Rinka's was more realistic and handled much better. The internal struggles both her and Souta go through are so relatably human. The only negative that stands out to me is the rushed manner in which they lead into the first H scene, however that's a consistent problem with the whole VN (at least the initial playthroughs, the extended routes of the main three correct the issue) and not Rinka-specific.

Is the romance simply too fast-paced for you? Normally I might agree but I think it's very well executed for what's supposed to be a short summer fling. Sometimes it just happens, a person takes a vacation out of town and meets a mysterious local with whom they hit it off really, really well. It's plausible enough for me to buy in, and I must not be alone in my thoughts based on the poll results. (It's similar to the movie Grease, which was also wildly successful.) Additionally, I think it helps drive home the point that they truly are fated for one another. I didn't find it rushed, I'd say it's very tightly written. It accomplishes exactly what it wanted to do with extreme efficiency, a hot and heavy summer fling with a beautiful stranger, and gets out immediately after it's done to avoid offending anyone's sensibilities or waste the reader's time with padding.
#13 by stormwolf
2019-02-25 at 14:51
< report >Maya! Ohh wait.. :(
#14 by verifonix
2019-03-04 at 20:28
< report >Why was there no Maya route =(
#15 by stormwolf
2019-03-07 at 14:38
< report >Because pedo japan wanted a kid instead most likely. Would be no loss if Mahiru was replaced by Maya. In fact, it would be a humongous gain.
#16 by being
2019-03-08 at 04:23
< report >but Maya is also a kid
#17 by mikuxdrift
2019-03-08 at 05:06
< report >#16 maya isn't a kid anymore... LOL
(IIRC Maya is may be a year older than Souta. if i go by her mentions about college entrance exams)

RIP maya route =(Last modified on 2019-03-08 at 05:10
#18 by being
2019-03-08 at 06:55
< report >she looks like one, though, just like mahiru. a loli who is 1 000 year old vampire is still a loli. legal loli also still a loli
#19 by stormwolf
2019-03-16 at 12:50
< report >Maya looks younger, yet acts mature. Miharu looks like she's 7 and acts like that too.
#20 by kyousukekoyomi
2019-03-17 at 08:07
< report >Sorry i gave vote but did not play the vn yet. I gave vote to Rinka for her visual. I might chang the vote in the future.
#21 by verifonix
2019-05-18 at 21:30
< report >#20 you shouldn't vote on a VN "for her visual"!
#22 by truetakuma
2019-05-19 at 02:09
< report >We all know that Eri is the true heroine.


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