Mahiru's age

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#1 by supervamp78
2018-12-29 at 06:52
So I've calculated things and my best guess is that she's at least 12-13.
#2 by komocakeps
2018-12-29 at 07:32
once she bleeds, she's for breed.

nature > laws
#3 by yagaht
2019-01-12 at 20:46
Mahiru and Souta have age gap 4 years. So... Yeah her age 13(cause in japan age of consent mostly around 13 years)
#4 by risingchaos
2019-01-13 at 08:08

Vast majority of schoolchildren in her year would be 12-13, depending on their birthday. We know Mahiru's birthday is in October, so within the timeframe the game takes place (up through September-ish depending on route) she's very probably 12.


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