Change of an official translation?

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#1 by playcool92
2018-12-29 at 13:03
Other Nitroplus games like SG had it, this is a bit older than SG, but seems like it would be too wasted to never get a translation, no matter how hard it would be to translate this...
#2 by kominara
2018-12-29 at 13:26
god fucking dammit not again

first, look at the release dates. good job triggering my 'tism

Muramasa isn't going to be translated because 1. it's a massive chuunige that would require a lot of time and effort, 2. because JAST seems to care more about translating Shimokura Vio meme-ge and BL than any of their more "risky" titles (y'all should've fucking bought Hanachirasu), and 3. because the only translator in the scene who could do Muramasa is trapped in JAST's basement editing the Togainu no Chi localization or whatever.

Look, I'd like to see a Muramasa translation as much as the next guy, but I've also pretty much accepted that it's probably never going to happen. If you want to read this, learning Japanese is probably the only way you're going to do it.
#3 by dracknath
2019-01-01 at 17:10
I still cry at night thinking when will it ever be translated...
#4 by edgeyboi
2019-01-06 at 14:44
I read this thread, and cried over its date =[
#5 by coldnobility
2019-01-09 at 03:25
I come from the future to tell you that its still not released


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