Women's interest in Netorare/Netori

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#26 by lunaterra
2019-01-15 at 03:33
I finally have the results of the poll I created (it took longer than expected because I had to get my laptop repaired). I posted the poll on r/otomegames, two otome-related Discord servers, and on Twitter, and got a total of 108 respondents--hardly representative of the entire otome fandom, but some people might find the results interesting.

Someone on my original Reddit post made a great point regarding the statistics that spurred this thread in the first place:

While I don't actively check out the R18 section of doujin games, I still see summaries or titles in passing and, like you, have never seen NTR, etc. as elements in the female-oriented ones, so definitely color me shocked. I wonder where those NTR-seeking women are coming from, so I went back to Fanza's website and did some filtering to get "female-oriented NTR" products. (NSFW link) There are only 50 (42 manga, 5 games, 3 voice dramas). Almost all of it is BL; none of the 5 games were otome.

The stat seems to be "NTR as the top-viewed genre," i.e. searches or views, so I surmise it's less about positive popularity than controversy or window-shopping curiosity. "Most popular genre purchased" would be a less ambiguous label and stat.

So it could be entirely possible that we're all speculating about something that isn't even reflective of what people like.

Back to the poll. It's not perfect; I deliberately simplified it because I knew that most otome fans wouldn't be familiar with NTR terminology. I know that NTR isn't only applied to romantic partners, but that seems to be the most common situation I've seen. Unfortunately, I forgot to include a free-response question, so I missed out on getting people's perspectives on why they picked one option or the other.

The results:

Would you play an otome game featuring netorare as an element? (The heroine's LI cheats on her with someone else.)

Yes: 25% (27)
No: 75% (81)

Would you play an otome game featuring netori as an element? (An LI cheats on their current partner to be with the heroine.)

Yes: 43.5% (47)
No: 56.5% (61)

Would you play an otome game featuring reverse NTR as an element? (The heroine cheats on her partner with another LI.)

Yes: 45.8% (49)
No: 54.2% (58)
1 respondent left this question blank

Would you play an otome game featuring consensual cuckqueaning as an element? (The heroine arranges for her LI to have sex with another person, with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.)

Yes: 39.8% (43)
No: 60.2% (65)

Would you play an otome game featuring non-consensual cuckqueaning as an element? (The heroine arranges for her LI to have sex with another person, without the knowledge or consent of the LI and/or the other person.)

Yes: 13.9% (15)
No: 86.1% (93)

And I'll quote myself here:

I will point out that even with these results, we can't assume that all of the "yes" voters have a cheating kink. I received several comments on my original post and talked with some people who aren't particularly interested in cheating, but who would read about it because it might make the story more interesting, or who would be fine with one route containing cheating but wouldn't be interested in a game that revolves entirely around it.

Original r/otomegames post (some very interesting and insightful comments here!)
r/otomegames results post
#27 by usagi
2019-01-15 at 05:34
Hm, interesting. I suppose many female "ntr-fans" are getting off from the male oriented ntr games where the female readers enjoys to self insert herself not in the cucking protagonist shoes but into the cheating heroine shoes.
I's the same reason as there are actually some female crowd of fans getting off of male oriented rape hentai stories where they self inserts into rape victim shoes enjoying it like many males enjoying female domination fetish - because female gender have that masochistic streak much more innately embedded so they are usually more prone to enjoy extreme male dominance i.e. darker genres. So, making poll introducing only otome genre isn't going to be very useful sinice there are quite a chunk of female audience who aren't even fans of otome genre (at least I personally know some women like that - who likes male oriented dark hentai manga and don't like bl/otome/shoujo works).Last modified on 2019-01-15 at 05:51
#28 by sakurakoi
2019-01-15 at 08:34
Not the best poll I see (disregarding sample size, nothing can be really done about that) and of course not only due to the fact that it lacks comparison... but mostly due to that.

First it should have include a sex selection, male and female.

The the questions should have been:
"In the best case, most appealing&well-written, scenario for you*, how much could you enjoy a fictional work (containing but not) centered around cheating and stealing/stolen love interests from the primary perspective of being stolen from//the one being stolen/stealing from because of the content in a MFM/FMF/MFF/FMM scenario (stolen from, the one being stolen, stealing from)"

This would net 2*3*4=>24 Questions, not to many and you have only half as many if you exclude "cheating with the same sex on other sex" and instead you could note this "consensual/non-consensual" both are as relevant and irrelevant.

Each question would also have 5 answers ranging from -2 (much less) over 0 (no impact) to 2 (much more) rather than being binary. This is how you'd actually get the perspective of both sexes and heterosexuals. a range of 5 is common in surveys and personality tests for a reason. Though some want to be even more precise and go for 10.

Sophisticated software or some avid engineer may also be able to recognize patterns~

*&why the best case scenario? Well, worst case would also be possible but be vastly different, instead of gauging tolerance/positive interest, it would gauge intolerance/potential hate. I do not have to argue about that choice, yes?

On a side note, considering the massive amounts of works in existence which are deemed to be more appealing to a male audience (mostly because the dudes and more specifically their faces are not shown) and have a female protagonists, there are also plenty of males who enjoy heterosexual female protagonists in vanilla H and violation works. Though vanilla is more often than not rather about a happy-go-lucky slut rather than pure love (which is probably more than the prior mostly).

Another poll could ask why that is after sampling possible answers like "I just want to see a sexy female" or "I like to imagine/I do like to emphasize with what and how much she feels" (not a surprise because male-to-female gender bender is much more popular&more sexualized than females cross-dressing which for both sexes makes them have a boyish charm) or "Today is a good day to potato".


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