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#1 by bathhouse-owner
2018-12-31 at 08:51
I've heard that this game copied a lot of stuff from Aokana, to the point of being a Rip-off.

Is this true?Last modified on 2018-12-31 at 09:17
#2 by traumatizer
2018-12-31 at 10:02
Just from glance I wouldn't call it a total rip-off, but both of the "main heroines" being pink-haired genki transfer students who love the sport more than anything is a pretty big red flag.
#3 by kiru
2018-12-31 at 13:12
I'd be surprised if this doesn't try to mess with your feelings in some way. Lucle always tries. It's probably just his way of laughing at sprite and people who actually like Aokana.

That said, Aokana 2 is an anime that starts soon. Different name, probably no male protag (because who needs that crap outside of self-insert VNs) and whatnot, but done by DMM together with one of the main writers behind Aokana. Gachagacha.
#4 by bdawg
2019-01-09 at 02:01
I would call it a rip-off, but I think it was better than Aokana so I'm fine with it.


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