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#1 by silentrzk
2019-01-01 at 09:45
On Rinne's route, after the (unnecessary) drama between Rinne and Setsuna about Rinne is going to kill Rinne by going back to Boryujima, can someone explain about what is exactly going on there? The moment Rinne and Setsuna are on Boryujima, I just don't understand the events at all. Such as Rinne pretending and "she successfully killed Rinne" like what?

And also, after concluding their drama, I also just don't get it why Setsuna was suffering(?) on their way back to their home then suddenly Rinne decided to commit suicide.

Another is, what truly happened between Setsuna(Ohara) and Rinne on Boryujima? There's this she was inside the cold sleep machine then there's this she's founded on the beach. So they never used the boat they found in the cave in the first place? Also, was it Setsuna(Ohara) who put her inside the cold sleep machine?
#2 by rey777
2019-01-11 at 07:46
This VN is a real piece of work, I'm surprised you're confused at this part, brace yourself for the rest...

I'll try to make it simple.
I'll call the MC MC-Setsuna, the current Rinne c-Rinne, the Setsuna from Rinne's past p-Setsuna and the Rinne from Setsuna past p-Rinne.

Basically c-Rinne learn that MC-Setsuna killed p-Setsuna that destroyed c-Rinne mentally, therefore she vowed to kill the one Setsuna love, p-Rinne.

Both MC-Setsuna and c-Rinne believe that traveling to Boryujima get u in the past. Since c-Rinne vowed to kill p-Rinne she went to Boryujima with the boat at her beach while MC-Setsuna went there to stop c-Rinne.

c-Rinne getting there first fool MC-Setsuna by ''acting'' like p-Rinne and after getting his hope up she fake her death with a trick with stopping the pulse circulation.

After MC-Setsuna got his fill of despair c-Rinne reveal herself to NOT be p-Rinne and having got her revenge.
MC-Setsuna and c-Rinne believe that they have gone to the past but a little BEFORE p-Rinne and p-Setsuna but it turns out to be wrong, they are still in the present and they find the remain of p-Setsuna.

Now for your other point ill stop using the p-Setsuna, MC-Setsuna, p-Rinne and c-Rinne and just adress them properly since it's in the present.

After their drama Rinne and Setsuna decided to go back to the Island but the boat can only keep 1 person and Rinne cant swim so Setsuna decided to swim back to the Island.
Well that didnt go well and setsuna suffer from cold/tiredness/etc from swimming too long, in the end Rinne decided to suicide to give the boat to Setsuna hoping she reincarnate like the legend with Rinne.

What happened on Boryujima is basically:
Rinne and Setsuna(of the past) got stranded there, Setsuna died and Rinne got put into cold sleep for 5 year before getting found. The boat question might make more sense to you when you finish the game.
We don't know who put her in it, perhaps she did it herself or Setsuna did it.

Hope that helped!
#3 by silentrzk
2019-01-16 at 09:16
So on my first question, the whole stuff was just an act? Like she pretended to be dead then she woke up afterwards just to make Setsuna feel despair for losing your past love?

And I see, I got confused on their going back to the island part. It feels like everything was so roundabout on what was truly going on so that I got confused.

As for my final question, actually I finished the whole game before creating this thread. I still really don't get it about the boat in Boryujima. Maybe I missed something or I just honestly don't get it. So let's say, in actuality, Rinne slept inside the cold sleep machine and she's found by Kuon then Kuon brought Rinne back to the island. However, only Rinne returned then Kuon returned to the island 1 month after Rinne. Then the boat in Boryujima was truly never used.

So was it a completely different boat on how Rinne returned to the island? Then how about Kuon?Last modified on 2019-01-16 at 09:24
#4 by rey777
2019-01-25 at 06:15
For your first quesiton, yes everything was an act.

The VN likes to make you believe something(in the case of your first question it's about how they time traveled to Boryujima when it fact it was just a delusion). It's kinda messy in the middle but usually if you paid enough attention you'll get what "truly" happened at the end of every route.

First lets make a distinction, there's the Real Kuon and the false Kuon. What you see all game is the false Kuon, the real one died long ago.
Here what basically happened in the past:

-Setsuna(not MC setsuna) is given birth by Real Kuon and the father of the Ohara.

-False Kuon(who is Rinné) come from the past and meet the ohara family(real Kuon and the father) and become their maid.

-Kuon is pregnant with MC Setsuna from the winter route so she gives birth to Rinne(that u see in the common route).
-Rinne is only some years younger than Setsuna so Kuon became a maid around the time Setsuna was like lets say 2 yrs old.

-Skip forward to when rinne fell to the water with real Kuon. Real Kuon died but Rinne washed aboard to the beach on the small boat(i dont remember why i dont think its explained). She meet Setsuna there

-Ohara father tell False Kuon(Rinné) to become Kuon.

-Setsuna and Rinne become friend

-Ohara father find Setsuna and Rinne in the wooden house at night in the storm and Rinne+Setsuna fall to the water while the father die from sunlight(Rinne route)

-Rinne and Setsuna wash up to Boryujima

-Rinne and Setsuna talk on Boryujima

-Setsuna die from the skin disease while Rinne get confined in the cold sleep machine(how? I wonder did Setsuna put her in there?)

-Kuon find her 5 years later or earlier but she sleep for 5 year in cold sleep.

Common route start around here.

Basically you're just mistaken with Real Kuon and False Kuon.

Real Kuon is the mother of the Setsuna that Rinne loved in the past, false Kuon is Rinné from the winter route.
Basically Rinne fell to the water 2 time, the first time with real Kuon resulting in her death(so Rinné take her name) and the 2nd time was when she get put in the cold sleep machine.
The 1 month disappearence is just like the 1 month before Rinné take the name Kuon really.

The question of the boat is one I don't know myself, the past is so fragmented it kinda left my mind when I was assembling the past from everything we knew. I would need a re-read to see if I can find any info but I don't know myself about the boat, I might have messed up the timeline too so I can't tell you a definite answer about that, she washed aboard the boat by luck I guess? And it was from the time she fell with Real Kuon I guess?

Hope it helped.


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