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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2019-01-01 at 23:38
Wow, what a game!

This VN is strangely unpopular on this website if the vote numbers are to be believed, even when compared to most other untranslated ones. It looks like a hidden gem which is why I'm reading it, but before you jump in you should know that it is not text hooker friendly. ITHVNR hooks the game properly for me and the script seems pretty easy to read at first, however later in the game you will sometimes run into images of handwritten or calligraphic Japanese that are played in forced auto mode, and by that I mean you have to be able to read the raw text fast enough before it disappears from the screen. There's also a video you have to sit through and listen carefully to, it describes the 恋文伝説 that is referenced throughout the game. All of this is important in order to know what is going on plot-wise.

Just letting you know because the game's first impressions will trick you regarding the game's reading level, and I'm just barely good enough at Japanese to get through the hard parts without too much trouble. You're going to have problems much later on in the story if you MTL your games or if you are a Japanese novice. It feels like your typical cliche harem novel at first but there's so much more to it later.

I'll add more traits and tags once I finish reading the last chapter.Last modified on 2019-01-01 at 23:42
#2 by tomtheerogeman
2019-01-11 at 15:02
Yeah, I guess you can disregard my previous warning, except for a couple of handwritten letters shown in the game. I say I guess, because here is the thing:

OK, so there are 3 different story arcs, or "chapters" as the game calls them. The first one, Last Letter, is like the main story for the game. The second one, Snow Memory, has the same script as Last Letter, but with new scripts added in here and there which answer all of the questions that were left unanswered in Last Letter. The last one, North Wind, seems like a what if scenario, where instead of Yukika being the one who loses all her memories in the beginning of the game, now it's both her and the MC, which isn't much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. Many of the same concepts, revelations, and events that were in Snow Memory are all in the last one as well, and the story is entirely rewritten so you can't skip stuff without unintentionally skipping other things, so oftentimes when I'm reading I'm saying to myself things like "yappari," or "didn't I already see this before." In short, it's not that important to understand the Japanese in the game's images and videos because the game re-explores the same stuff so often that it'll all eventually appear in the script.

It's a good game and I think most people here will enjoy it, but due to the repetition don't expect to have fun clearing all the routes.


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