Need help finding this VN

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#1 by alexlung
2019-01-05 at 03:36
Its a visual novel set in Medieval Era. I looked through all the tags associated with it and it was not there

it's about the MC getting revenge on a bunch of knights/ kingdom. he is someone who can use sorcery /mind control, first bad end can happen if you rape the princess or something

if i remember right he took on the appearance of someone while everyone thought he was dead. (could be reincarnated or something can't remember, and i think he took on a female character that join the ranks of knights, he gains their trust then betrays / kill them/ slave them)

its a fairly long game, 18+ ofc, and not translated in any language other than Japanese

anyone has any ideas what's the name of this VN?Last modified on 2019-01-05 at 03:38
#2 by eacil
2019-01-05 at 04:33
Tetsu to Ra
#3 by alexlung
2019-01-05 at 08:09
#2 thank you eacil! appreciate it


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