qn about Rena & Mion in Onikakushi

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#1 by edgeyboi
2019-01-10 at 12:14
I can't help but find they were also at fault for their own events in this arc. Not to say that the real perpetrator wasn't at fault, but both of Rena and Mion exhibited outstanding sensibility and sensitivity throughout this arc to know better than playing pranks and jokes when Keiichi was looking all strange and scary.

They also noted several times since Keiichi met Ooishi that he didn't seem well, acted all distant and scary. I couldn't understand why they constantly seemed to provoke him when there were also tons of omens for them that he had become psychologically unstable.

Rena had her fingers injured previously. She was also alwasy good at reading the mood and people's feelings, like how she understood that Keiichi's comment kinda "hurt" Tomitake. Mion realized Keiichi was acting all hysterical and asked him to stop. She in fact had already stopped joking around him since the mochi assignment, so why would she start again when he was looking all strange in the end? I really couldn't imagine if Keiichi looked all calm and coy when Rena and Mion were joking about the "Manager" and Tomitae's punishment.

Ofc most of my expectations were based on some common sense and instincts that will not apply to everybody.

I haven't watched any manga or anime, and only completed the first arc, Onikakushi, but I really hope to know if there would be some answers to Rena's and Mion's perspectives on Keiichi's changes in future arcs, or other meda.Last modified on 2019-01-10 at 12:48


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