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#1 by weter
2019-01-22 at 18:35
Does anyone know a similar visual novel with a plot like this anime? link
Something like a master-servant (preferably in a medieval fantasy / drama / adventure / fighting / romance) and that the plot was at least a little interesting (with English translation)
I searched, but did not find anything like itLast modified on 2019-01-22 at 18:42
#2 by harp
2019-01-22 at 20:27
One of the longest-running videogame franchises, Rance comes to mind. You'd probably have to import a Japanese physical copy of the game if you choose to start with the first one. link
That said, there is a remake, and it'll probably come out in English within a few years.
If you want the easy way out, afaik it doesn't seem matter which you start with either way, except Rance X as it is the finale. Either way, Rance VI link is far more accessible in English, and available physically as well as digitally. (There's some retailers in EU, as well as NA, dunno about the rest lol.)

Rance is more or less all I can come up with in English. You could try Evenicle, but it doesn't have slaves. You might look forward to link who knows. I wish stuff by this duo link was available in English lol.
#3 by surferdude
2019-01-22 at 21:47
Why would you import a physical copy of Rance 1 when it's available to download for free, with the approval of AliceSoft?Last modified on 2019-01-22 at 21:47
#4 by harp
2019-01-22 at 22:56
Ah yeah, they did something like that..... I don't really keep track of Rance. Beyond LN stuff, the medieval fantasy genre is a bit lost on me.

Thanks Surferdude, I guess I should check Rance 1 this week myself.
#5 by kiru
2019-01-23 at 08:44
VNs aren't really liking adventuring type scenarios. Why? Because backgrounds. Expensive. The very few which do it, often care so little about the visual representation, that it may as well not matter that they are traveling. Or they always go back to the main town, where 90% of everything takes place. Unfortunately, none of the examples that come to mind are actually translated.

Outside of that: Games are your answer. You can already see it here with Rance being recommended and whatnot. Fantasy settings with sword and magic are usually a good place for Rpgs. LNs love the "other world" stuff, so there you'll find a million things. You should realize that though, given that your anime is just another LN adaption.
#6 by weter
2019-01-23 at 09:54
@harp (I do not know how to refer differently)
Thanks for the recommendations.
I don't know, but in Rance isn't the whole point about sex, is there really an interesting plot?
I meant not just slaves, but for example partners or comrades who are constantly together (not a dozen of characters like Eiyuu*Senki, but a maximum of a couple)

Yes, I understand, but still the background can be made cheaper (for example, edited photos, but it doesn’t look bad), but with an interesting plot
I am a fan of games and have already played a whole bunch of different games with different genres, but almost all games with an interesting plot are aimed at the gameplay too, and often this interrupts immersion in the plot itself (for example Witcher, Deus Ex, Borderlands, God of War, Dragon Age and others)
Yes, I tried to read LN, but this is simply not mine, I like visualization more, even the same manga is sometimes produced for years or decades, but I’m curious to know the end of the faster and not wait for eternity, VN is better because they are always (well, or almost) released completely with the final plot and even with different endings for different tastes
#7 by harp
2019-01-23 at 10:53
I did make a minor note about Evenicle, but going by what you've said now, make it a major. As said, I haven't read Rance, but think of it like this, if it just was about sex it wouldn't be as widely acclaimed as it is. As Surferdude said, apparently the first one is available for free, so nothing to lose by trying it.

Back to Evenicle, the cast is quite a bit smaller than Eiyuu Senki, but it is also quite lighthearted. In regards to what you said to Kiru, I mostly agree. Such a shame that we can't read Japanese, and stuff like link isn't available in English.

Evenicle or Rance are probably your best bets going by what you've said, the sex might become a bit repetitive after a while, but that's about the same as Eiyuu Senki. There's also link which could apply to some degree, but I've never seen anyone speak about the story. It does have quite good grades, though.
(Evenicle was the only RPG I actually managed to finish in 2018, I can get really bored with gameplay if it drags on too long.)
If we were to abandon the medieval fantasy setting, I'd definitely recommend some chuunige. Those tend to have pretty good immersion, and not that much sex.
#8 by kiru
2019-01-23 at 12:31
Rance doesn't really have much traveling in a game anyway. Though I suppose that can depend a little on which Rance. Also it has MANY characters.
Trying Rance 1 is btw. not a good idea. You play 01. And 01 has nothing to do at all with travel/adventure. Rance 1 is just old and only interesting for people who are massive fans of the series or generally like really old games.
#9 by surferdude
2019-01-23 at 17:03

I don't know if you've seen it or not, but link sounds kinda like what you're looking for.
Still anime, though.
#10 by weter
2019-01-23 at 20:37
Evenicle was already in my wishlist but now I’ll take it a step higher) About Rance probably yes, need to try. Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden it's already on my wishlist (but for some reason only a sequel)
I learned English to read more VNs (It was my only motivation to learn a language :D). And now I think that it would be time to seriously take up the study of Japanese in the name of READING EVERYTHING
Chuunige? Is it a genre or series? (not found on VNDB)

Starting from the 4th or later series makes little sense, since there will be a loss of meaning from the previous story (I understood this by reading the description for each 1-10). But remakes 01-03 only in japanese

Yes, I watched. I can even add extra #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 and with a similar atmosphere #6
That there was no additional question here is my MAL

Once again, thank you all for the answers :)Last modified on 2019-01-23 at 20:40
#11 by harp
2019-01-24 at 09:04
Yay,go Evenicle!

A chuuni is a character like link. So these games are more or less like their (chuuni characters') imagined realities. I was primarily thinking of link in this case.
Christian mythology, and it tends to have at least 60% off during sales.
#12 by weter
2019-01-24 at 10:28
I just thought I would try Rance at least the first part, as it turned out it does not have voice acting. I thought well in the later parts it is, as it turned out, there is no voice acting in any of them, not even Background Moans or Sounds of Copulation .. FeelsBadMan linkLast modified on 2019-01-24 at 10:29
#13 by surferdude
2019-01-24 at 17:40
^ Only Rance 03 has voice acting.

Also, if you find the first Rance game too old and not to your liking, you could watch the Rance 01 hentai OVA (4 episodes), and then play Rance 02, which has much better graphics and gameplay.Last modified on 2019-01-24 at 17:46


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