Which platform has the most Visual Novel readers?

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Which platform has the most Visual Novel readers?

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#1 by lmceachern
2019-01-25 at 11:29
Which platform has the most readers of Visual Novels? I would say for Bishoujo games steam is the most popular and for Otome Games IOS and Android is more popular. For overall I would say Android because I see some Otome games having 10 million downloads. What do you guys think?
#2 by pabloc
2019-01-25 at 18:06
I think the correct answer isn't included in the poll - I mean PC(non-Steam). :P
The vast majority of VNs are available on PC, but not exactly on Steam. It's not a good place for VNs to begin with, with their random anti-anime censorship and all.
#3 by kiru
2019-01-25 at 20:00
IOS/Android is growing, but it's only really great for all-ages stuff. Adult stuff is PC. Full price all-ages is consoles. The biggest market should still be the PC market. But it's also very limited in what actually works there, so the reason why IOS/Android are even becoming a thing is in part that.

Btw., 10 million downloads only matter, if it's actually costing something and no purchase is counted double. IOS/Android still has mostly shovelware and stuff where chapter 1 is free, but the rest cost. There are exceptions though. But those are simply only exceptions. It's usually not possible to charge 7k yen for a mobile game. (but you can obviously charge 7k yen for some gacha tickets... crazy world)
#4 by dk382
2019-01-26 at 06:02
In terms of readers? Probably non-steam, as pablo said. But in terms of paying customers? Absolutely Steam, no question about it. For the English-reading audience, at least.
#5 by spidey01
2019-01-26 at 20:37
Of my own use: PC, steam.

More generally: I would be surprised if PC didn't dominate VNs given the medium's history in Japan, and the seeming lack of English releases to console ports.

I'm surprised by how little I see of VNs for non-PC platforms. But then again I look at my supply, and remember plenty of them aren't likely to make Google Play and iTunes very happy about content. Nevermind platforms owned by Sony and Nintendo.


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