Do you read the train talk?

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#1 by ives
2019-01-25 at 15:18
As someone who has 0 interest in trains and railways, I find myself skipping every part of "train talk" and just stop for a sec to know the gist of what their talking about. I'm just here to get some good romance, story, and h scenes. Does skipping the train talk hurt the overall experience of the vn?
#2 by clorust
2019-01-25 at 17:46
The train talk is most of the VN to be honest. It's interlaced with discussion of local politics, the surrounding region and the community but I never saw much romantic focus even in the heroine routes (hell a portion of it is described in the h-chapters). All this and I still consider it a great VN based on the excellent ost, quality UI, use of e-mote, tranquil atmosphere purveyed throughout the entirety of the VN, the idealised, yet engaging goals and enthusiasm displayed by the characters and general attention to detail in dialogue. I'm aware many didn't like it though, since there isn't too much focus on the romantic aspects that other moege display.
#3 by tartar94
2019-01-25 at 18:10
Are you talking about the infodumping or actual game dialogue? I wont recommended skipping any text, in any visual novel.
#4 by kiru
2019-01-25 at 19:52
^You won't survive long with that.Last modified on 2019-01-25 at 19:52
#5 by surferdude
2019-01-25 at 19:56
^ I take it you also skip pages randomly when reading books, huh?
#6 by eacil
2019-01-25 at 21:23
He likes to ctrl *and* to skip routes. How do you think you get an opinion on every VN out there if you don't skip stuff, dumdum?
#7 by kiru
2019-01-26 at 09:18
@5: Books have editors. VNs don't. So when you read a game where 50% is copy and pasta, why would you read that? See, I love Hapymaher or Fake Azure Arcology . But at some point, the writer just starts to do the same thing again, with extremely minor changes. In Hapymaher, no character route but the true one is really important. Why? Because common has the exact same thing happen. In the other work it's more that the routes all follow the exact same plot, just with a different girlfriend. It's very fun once. And that's it. Hapymaher's fandisc is great fun until the middle, where it basically starts to recycle the content from the main-game and goes through it again.

I'm glad I played these games, as I had a lot of fun with them. But reading 100% of them, just for the hell of it, would drastically reduce your enjoyment of them. DRASTICALLY. After all, to an extend some content may even be enforced. ( Fake Azure Arcology enforces you to get all endings for the final epilogue for the main heroine, for no real reason other than annoying you)
There's also Baldr Sky Dive as a known example for "you can't skip this, because it's a different scene. It's the same text? Who cares!".

If a game is overall good, has good skipping features for what you need to skip because you've read it already, and has no pacing issues, I read everything. But the VN medium is rather... problematic there. Doubly so because a lot of them rely heavily on you liking the heroine of the route.

I honestly don't think you do yourself any favor in trying to read everything in a VN. It definitely works for some, but there are too many that can be quite enjoyable, if you don't force yourself to read content you don't like. The problem just lies with how VNs are usually made. People get hired and payed for x characters of written text. It's obvious what that leads to.
#8 by ives
2019-01-27 at 14:39
I feel like most train dialogue could've just been converted into the romance parts tbh all those info about trains never really stuck to me. I still atleast liked the vn somewhat especially hachiroku's route even if I skipped some dialogue.
#9 by behappyeveryday
2019-03-11 at 19:02
@7 It is one thing when you skip copy pasta or recollection and the other when you just skip some scenes because of personal preferences.
#10 by ramaladni
2019-03-11 at 19:48
I don't skip text, perhaps I'll just speedread it instead, but I don't feel obligated to 100% every game I play...unless it has trophies...
#11 by erohatasensei
2019-03-12 at 00:02
I read all the train dialogue but i lack the motivation to do research to get deeper into it than the game and glossary offers me. In fact often I even read the whole glossary in one swoop after I am done with the game.

I skipped some SoL in Maitetsu though because it was just boring.


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