Voiced for 2004 version of the game

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#26 by arilando
2021-04-06 at 16:29
< report >#25
Yes, i did find a way. I use v0.9.1 with this patch that fixed the audio issue (link).
However it doesn't seem like the link to the patch works anymore. You could perhaps ask him to provide an updated link.
#27 by mattn915
2021-04-06 at 17:06
< report >So to answer the question about the video playback problem: that's because you need the right video codec for it to play properly. The most commonly used codec pack for this would be the K-Lite Codec Mega Pack, which includes ffdshow (this is what the videos are compatible with). Make sure ffdshow is enabled in every setting as possible. (Usually under Codec and Filter Mangement from what I remeber.) It's been some time since I last played it, so hopefully it still works that way. (tested it just now. it does work that way for me. I should also mention that after the 1st OP plays, the playback in the movie menu in the extras didn't work, but then after closing the game and starting it, the movie menu works as it should.)Last modified on 2021-04-06 at 17:49
#28 by arilando
2021-04-13 at 22:56
< report >I just changed to the latest beta release and it seems to work fine.


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