VN with Transformation?

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#1 by fare67t
2019-02-03 at 01:08
Is there any visual novels out there in which a character (preferably someone important like the MC) gets transformed into some form of monster girl like a mermaid? It can occur either during, before, or after sex...or just in general.
#2 by gregory
2019-02-03 at 01:40
#3 by fare67t
2019-02-03 at 03:54
While that one looks nice, id prefer something with art rather then spritework.
#4 by teirachan
2019-02-03 at 04:26
furry stuff ok with you? The Pirate's Fate has a plot that more or less compeltely centers around transformation, some of it the kind of stuff you mentioned. no explicit sex tho. (i personally really dug this game, so i may be biased, but i figured it's on the topic enough to at least throw out a small reccommendation!)
#5 by fare67t
2019-02-03 at 05:09
id prefer it to not be furry related, but i'll take your word for it that its okay.


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