Ability to check routes that you finished

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#1 by pomidorka20142
2019-02-03 at 17:27
I know maybe this is a crazy idea and maybe somebody have already offered it, but still...
First of all, I want to thank the creators for creating this very useful site. But there are some times when you have played for a while and have finished routes in which you was most interested and want to switch on another VN(s) and don't want to forget what you have achieved in this(those) VN(s). Maybe there can be a feature which allows you to check routes that you've finished?
I know there may be problems with realization, it can cause spoilers, and there can be other problems, but, maybe, somebody have great ideas about what can be done and it'll be cool and useful...
And I can agree that is's a stupid idea. Still can leave some notes in Notepad.
#2 by kratoscar2008
2019-02-03 at 22:16
Just check your ingame gallery and see which heroines have H-scenes or not. No need to create a feature for something so simple.
#3 by maggierobot
2019-02-03 at 22:55
You can add notes to the VNs in your list. Just select them, go to the end of the page and select "Set note" in the "with selected VNs" drop down list. Then just type what routes you already cleared or any other stuff you need.


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