Petition to list Yoda as an alias of Shumon Yuu

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#1 by momimomi
2019-02-04 at 19:25
link and link are most probably the same person. I don't have concrete proof, but it should be obvious because Yoda drew SDs for almost all Shumon Yuu's games, and even the exceptions (like Otoboku) were done by Caramel Box that had ties with Shumon Yuu at that time. Also, because Shumon Yuu wanted to become a manga artist before he started writing scenarios for eroge, he definitely knows how to draw (SD shouldn't be a problem for him).

Can Yoda be added as an alias of Shumon Yuu, and the separate page removed?
#2 by wakaranai
2019-02-05 at 00:20
highly unlikely because:
I don't have concrete proof
#3 by dk382
2019-02-05 at 01:36
Yeah, sorry, but this evidence is way too circumstantial. It's possible, but it's also possible that they're close friends or simply have ties to the same companies. We shouldn't make these kinds of changes unless we're 100% sure about it.


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