Irotoridori no Sekai KS

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#1 by encrypted12345
2019-02-04 at 20:54

Goal for the first game is $85k, second is $170k (due to it being longer than the first), and third is $215k. Base game is $40, so it's not too unusual of a price.

Not much to say at this point, though it seems likely enough to reach the base goal. The second game goal is more up in the air, though they explicitly mention that they'll try to fund it outside of KS if the campaign doesn't generate enough funds.
#2 by rude
2019-02-11 at 10:32
Can't be sure they'll make it to the 2nd game let alone the short 3rd one either.
From a commentator over there Sol Press has yet to fulfill their last KS concerning physical media. A concerned remark that a new Sekai is on the loom.Last modified on 2019-02-11 at 10:43
#3 by bas3
2019-02-18 at 23:00
They are not even halfway the first game, so doesn't look like they make even the first part like this. The second part needs a miracle like this.

Really a shame we never get this game here.

They did not sell any of the high tier reward either; where are those hardcore IroSeka fans?
#4 by tamakisakura
2019-02-19 at 02:31
Too many people have been burned by other Kickstarters.
#5 by kiru
2019-02-19 at 10:38
@3: How can you be a hardcore fan, while needing a translation? I think, that's generally the biggest challenge these kickstarters have to deal with. The times, where kickstarter was still new enough and people threw money on it no matter what, are kinda over. Unless you have some big names that stand for quality around, people should be wary nowadays. Like @4 said, a lot got burned. Even well handled kickstarters ended up with a crappy product in the end, like the one for Kyuuketsuki no Libra .Last modified on 2019-02-19 at 10:39


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