Irotoridori no Sekai KS

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#1 by encrypted12345
2019-02-04 at 20:54

Goal for the first game is $85k, second is $170k (due to it being longer than the first), and third is $215k. Base game is $40, so it's not too unusual of a price.

Not much to say at this point, though it seems likely enough to reach the base goal. The second game goal is more up in the air, though they explicitly mention that they'll try to fund it outside of KS if the campaign doesn't generate enough funds.
#2 by rude
2019-02-11 at 10:32
Can't be sure they'll make it to the 2nd game let alone the short 3rd one either.
From a commentator over there Sol Press has yet to fulfill their last KS concerning physical media. A concerned remark that a new Sekai is on the loom.Last modified on 2019-02-11 at 10:43
#3 by bas3
2019-02-18 at 23:00
They are not even halfway the first game, so doesn't look like they make even the first part like this. The second part needs a miracle like this.

Really a shame we never get this game here.

They did not sell any of the high tier reward either; where are those hardcore IroSeka fans?
#4 by tamakisakura
2019-02-19 at 02:31
Too many people have been burned by other Kickstarters.
#5 by kiru
2019-02-19 at 10:38
@3: How can you be a hardcore fan, while needing a translation? I think, that's generally the biggest challenge these kickstarters have to deal with. The times, where kickstarter was still new enough and people threw money on it no matter what, are kinda over. Unless you have some big names that stand for quality around, people should be wary nowadays. Like @4 said, a lot got burned. Even well handled kickstarters ended up with a crappy product in the end, like the one for Kyuuketsuki no Libra .Last modified on 2019-02-19 at 10:39
#6 by dk382
2019-02-19 at 11:27
Not gonna lie, I still have no idea how Kyuuketsuki no Libra got funded.
#7 by erohatasensei
2019-02-19 at 20:54
This seems like its bombing. I'm sure they can make one title though.
#8 by niyari
2019-02-20 at 03:05
i'm interested in the shikishi but it's in the 700 dollar tier. rip. if it was in the collector's edition i would've supported it. i love the game and the company, just not $700-for-a-game-i-already-own-muchLast modified on 2019-02-20 at 03:05
#9 by kratoscar2008
2019-02-20 at 11:24
Just looking at it just seems like a painfully average moege, the art is soooo generic and heroines lack appeal.
Reminds me of how underwhelming Sakura Sakura looked and that one game is already forgotten.
#10 by erohatasensei
2019-02-20 at 13:54
The thing is. Sol Press sometimes hangs around at gathering points for the community, namely the /vn/ general on 4chan looking for demand. A few of their licenses are actually games, that the people over there screamed for the loudest. And we see how that backfires because the most vocal group usually consists of a few individuals and is not representative for the future success of your game. Especially when the sample is anonymous and you cannot really estimate how big that group is.

You know I am right. Just taking Irotoridori and the meme, the troll, the legend Oniikiss into account. I'm not saying that they are bad for listening to public demand, but at least confirm it before you actually go into negotiations.

Additionally that people have the notion that Nekonyan was the "chosen one" to localize this game and not Sol Press.
#11 by diabloryuzaki
2019-02-20 at 15:40
@9 the heroines lack appeal? you can judge it after you try trial version as your base. if you are the people who judge vn by heroine design and uploaded cg without read story, concept and trial version then your argument invalid
i have completed irosekai and irohikari so i can assure you that world setting in it is too unexpected even after watch the OP. not only that, the true route can make you to be faceless because the previous route look like ads now.
OR you can try this, it have same scenario writer like irosekai and irohikari. unless you are very skeptic with the developer itself because some people (pro people) can judge vn base on developer only
#12 by kratoscar2008
2019-02-20 at 18:57
I dont think thats accurate, other than Onikiss none of SPs releases had any fanfare. Heck /vn/ doesnt even knows if Irosekai is plotge and moege.

They lack appeal in the sense that if you are browsing Kickstarter and see the OP you would most likely just gloss it over and look for something more interesting.
To the average person they just looks like uguu kawai moeblobs which i assume is the reason why this doesnt has that much support.
#13 by diabloryuzaki
2019-02-20 at 20:04
yes i agree your opinion that it was impossible to make other to take an interest to irosekai with character design and op only. and i can see that they didn't explain "anything" about world setting that have 2 world in the game
the worse part is the highest price to support them only give us other merchandise limited to irosekai only when you can get almost everything from irosekai until akai hitomi plus the LN and merchandise too wrapped in world end trilogy box
that's why KS to support them is like scam almost to people who have been read it before. but if you want to see the appeal you can try like this
play the trial ver, it's very important if you still hesitate despite see character design and op. in it you will see yuuma work in other world, the introduction about shinku as mysterious heroine, the introduction about irotoridori world without including major spoiler from true route
if you still can't make yourself to read it then this title is not for you. but this title itself have a chance too despite have poor KS campaign. how do we know about it?
1. click scenario writer in it and check his work history
2. try to look average rate in vndb and see the count of majority vote and minority vote then compare it
3. always check major spoiler tag for character but it is not advisable for people who are too sentimental with spoielr
4. check singer (op, ed or insert song) history and see how good is their participate
5. like number 4 but now you can try to check the voice actor and see did your favorite heroine is voiced by her or not
never do one of these five is hard to accept the statement of "To the average person they just looks like uguu kawai moeblobs" especially when they have vote more than 20 visual novel without mind their category
#14 by kiru
2019-02-20 at 20:32
To be fair, for the western scene, this would probably be little more than a meh overly long moege. The complaints are there: Too much focus on the main route (=the other routes suck) and the typical Favorite padding (padding a 1mb script to more than twice of that). It worked in Japan, but here? Not so sure. Then again, I'm generally not so sure what really works here, other than 20 bucks 5 hour long episodic games.Last modified on 2019-02-20 at 20:32
#15 by sanahtlig
2019-02-21 at 02:52
This project has barely been on my radar. Who is the target audience, and have they made a coordinated effort to reach out to this audience? Have they done their market research to gauge the size of this audience and how much they'd be willing to contribute to a campaign like this? Are their estimates based mainly on feedback from a few devoted fans who played the game in Japanese, and have they thought about how to appeal to users unfamiliar with the developer or its games?

Campaigns that want to raise more than $50k or so need to put serious effort into marketing to get reliably funded. Otherwise they're just rolling the dice and hoping for the best.Last modified on 2019-02-21 at 02:55
#16 by rude
2019-03-04 at 05:45
60 hours to go @ $55,546 of $85,000...

SolPress & co needs to contact game media as well as anime media to help them spread the word since no high tiers were included. Otherwise we can kiss this game goodbye for an English localization. Another trailer of any English translation that's been done thus far should be released asap.

If this turns to a failure I hope they can redo this again and fix any of the mistakes that had transpired.

That 25% translation fee in the same amount as the licensing fee now that's just painful.Last modified on 2019-03-04 at 05:50
#17 by ramaladni
2019-03-04 at 06:36
I've heard that the game will be localized regardless of the KS's result, so. But yeah, too little and too late. I see people complain about the poor structuring of the pledge tiers and Sol Press takes days to respond to KS comments.
#18 by erohatasensei
2019-03-04 at 10:58
I honestly don't get why it is so hard to provide staff that care for your project and deal with questions/issues at hand. Ninetail managed to do it with one or two staff that speak english and they constantly provide updates and help people out...

Sol Press seems to drive themselves into a corner, Under one Wing does pretty well but if this KS fails (which is seemingly does) they could have that stigma for a while, as not many KSs fail in the vn-industry. At least not fail the funding, what comes after is a whole another story that has been told time and time again...

The stigma would be, oh look at them they were overzealous, localized a title that /vn/ told them to do several months and fail at it. In the process they also pissed off Nekonyan-fans and other people who were maybe willing to support the game because noone expected them to do this at all.

Also the abysmal marketing that is going on with this KS shows that not putting in real effort does lead to bad results. In their latest twitterpostings you can see constant reminders of their KS and I mean nothing but reminders. When you want to make sure your KS makes it you have to create hype and expectance, and not beg quite visibly and hope that the "popularity" of that title you want to publish does it for you. Even the MangaGamer Bestgirl Polls have more interaction than this KS and thats a very sad thing.
#19 by alexlung
2019-03-04 at 11:05
#20 by rude
2019-03-06 at 10:06
With 7 hours to go it got a big hit of over $18.3k since my last post (#16) now @ $73,906. I wonder if it'll make it. Cutting it close.
#21 by erohatasensei
2019-03-06 at 17:10
Damn. They are gonna make it... I wonder if this would've been reached already if they advertised it properly before it was almost to late.
#22 by shining17
2019-03-06 at 18:10
#23 by encrypted12345
2019-03-06 at 18:12
It got funded with less than 2 minutes to spare.
#24 by molester
2019-03-06 at 18:29
This KS was actually pretty funny, someone in the last seconds refunded 3k and it was close to fail.
#25 by bathhouse-owner
2019-03-06 at 21:19
It was so nerve-wracking...


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