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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2019-02-05 at 05:16

Some people prefer to make their own anki decks when they study Japanese or any other language. Has anyone here ever made one that covers Japanese expressions? I'm talking about things such as そうこうしている内に, ミイラ取りがミイラになる, or 元も子もない. I find that no amount of vocabulary knowledge will teach you the meanings of a lot of these expressions, and I feel like they are kind of important. But at the same time, everyone seems like they only care about vocabulary and grammar, and I can't seem to find any Anki decks on the internet that covers expressions like these, except for this one with only 56 of them: link.

I'd make a large deck of them myself, but if someone who's been reading a lot of Japanese has already made one and is willing to upload it, then that would save myself and others some time.
#2 by harleyquin
2019-02-05 at 13:19
No point. People naturally remember and memorise the ones they use on an everyday basis and look up the rest from a dictionary when required. Vocabulary list to deal with the proficiency exams don't exceed a 100 of them at the highest level in any case.
#3 by tomtheerogeman
2019-02-06 at 05:06
I thought about your response while I was at work, and I think we have different goals. I study the vocabulary lists for the JLPT exams not because I have any interest in doing those tests, it's because I need some sort of reference as to which lists to memorize first (level N5) and which ones to memorize later (level N1).

My goal is to be able to read eroge in Japanese fluently. I feel like I'm partly there, because I can usually read short sentences faster than the characters finish talking. But part of what is keeping me from reaching this goal is having to look up many expressions like the ones I mentioned.

I think the point of making an anki deck out of these expressions is to be able to recognize them faster than if you just naturally remember the ones you use and look up the rest of them. Because think of it this way; it takes probably 10-15 years for a Japanese person to learn their language well enough to understand most things, from the day they are born to the day they reach middle school or high school. Why should I spend such a long time slowly learning all the expressions out there if they can simply be condensed in an anki deck that I can finish in ~6 months?

There are many different ways of learning Japanese and there's no consensus on which way is the best. I just feel like I'm missing something if I don't actively study them, you know?
#4 by harleyquin
2019-02-06 at 09:49
Hardly anything to remember for N5 (a part of the old N3) with most of the common expressions in N2. If you're using this language to fap to what you can understand, the list you need to learn is considerably shorter than for someone who needs to work with it.

Anyone who has passed N2 no longer needs to read VNs with machine help for 90% of the products out there. For the 10% which needs looking up, those are invariably the high action convoluted plotline games which are hit or miss depending on the reader.
#5 by tomtheerogeman
2019-02-24 at 03:31
K now I feel like an idiot, the kind of deck I was thinking of was out there the whole time, it's just that I didn't think of the word "idiom", thus I only searched "expressions" and didn't find what I wanted at first. link is what I want. Sadly some of the cards seem incomplete since the definitions are missing but the examples are there, so I'll have to manually update possibly half of the deck yay /s. Plus some of the expressions I've encountered in my VNs aren't in this deck, so it's not a complete list.
#6 by harleyquin
2019-02-24 at 05:50
Better than doing your own from scratch. As I said before, if you need the language to fap to what you can see you won't need to memorize the entire list. VN writing is supposed to cater to someone who has Japanese high school level, so everyday speech is more common. Expressions and idioms tied to those are enough for overseas players.
#7 by tomtheerogeman
2019-02-24 at 08:00
Yeah I guess my efforts are overkill at this point. I just find the language fascinating, and I guess studying it and reading it kind of grew on me as a hobby over the past two years. It's just that there always seems to be room for improvement, although it's not one of my frustrations.

By the way, a VN doesn't need to have a "high action convoluted plotline" in order to be difficult to read, it is usually as difficult as the scenario writer wants it to be. Futaba☆Channel is the best example from the ones I've read thus far. If you've been studying Japanese for a year and a half or less, than I guarantee you that you won't be able to make heads or tails of the script often. You can get it for free on the game's official website somewhere, if you really want to see it. The screenshots are very misleading when reading level is taken into account.


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