Will the rest be translated?

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#1 by periah250
2019-02-05 at 07:59
This is a lot better than I expected...aside from being episodic ^^; will the rest be translated as well?
#2 by ffthewinner
2019-02-11 at 02:16
good question. i hope so,as the game seems pretty good.Last modified on 2019-02-11 at 02:16
#3 by mastag
2019-02-27 at 14:42
Yeah, playing Koi ga Saku before can be deceptive, this one has incredible pacing in comparison. The protagonist has this grounded, realist mindset - easy to relate to. And oh boy did I crave for every Sora interaction, she was just bundles of fun, so yeah, would be awesome if at LEAST the next one got translated.Last modified on 2019-02-27 at 14:42
#4 by erohatasensei
2019-02-27 at 20:40
Yes it will. Do you think they are going to release one episode of an episodic series? You'll get one pretty soon. Maybe even already announced soon.
#5 by shining17
2019-02-27 at 20:52
Who knows? It's Sekai and their wonderfully perfect track record we're talking about here. Not to mention, the second episode hasn't even been released in Japan.
#6 by diabloryuzaki
2019-02-27 at 22:30
what do you mean by second episode have not released in japan? did you mean sora route or haruka route? because sora route is second episode have been released and haruka route will released in next spring this year


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