Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)

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#1 by luther
2019-02-08 at 02:49
Is it possible? Will someone with a normal lifespan be able to achieve this feat?
#2 by lordnight
2019-02-08 at 03:44
short answer: no

long answer: considering that there are almost 25k kinds of VNs in here, (and probably other that aren't listed) and considering one only plays for 12hours straight per day, and has a really fast reading speed where one could finish the entirety of any kind of VN in less than 4 hours then you'll finish everything in more or less around 22 years.

tldr long answer: no
#3 by luther
2019-02-08 at 03:55
@2 that actually sounds doable.
#4 by shining17
2019-02-08 at 05:13
Not that many VNs are translated anyway.
#5 by sakurakoi
2019-02-08 at 06:17
and has a really fast reading speed where one could finish the entirety of any kind of VN in less than 4 hours
without even considering that simply many VNs are way longer than that even if your reading speed is double the average (let's just take 8h as average length of all VNs because ofc many are shorter), there are many VNs where reading speed is not the limiter but the "gameplay" (choices). Not every VN has a walkthrough either and of course, if you gonna read every VN, then you'd go for nothing less than 100% completion.

Well, what also cuts down on the VNs to read is that quite a lot of the 25k is not just OELVN but Western Adult Games and only 12 hours a day? If you gonna be a NEET or senior citizen, then you might as well go for 15h reading, 1h misc and 8h sleeping. If you are not, and few can indeed be for long, never even mind affording many which are not freely available, then with a modest part time job and caring for yourself and it is maybe 8h a day, at best.

Not to mention: Does your Johny/whatever some crazy calls her vagina or motivation last for the many works which focus on sexual content? Can you be that stoic and not be disgusted by certain art or works? Or just simply bored...

tl;dr: noooooopuLast modified on 2019-02-08 at 06:17
#6 by ramaladni
2019-02-08 at 06:27
There is a certain person with a Reinhard avatar who can read 10 VNs a day so I'm sure it's possible.
#7 by [deleted]
2019-02-08 at 08:58 can certainly read every english translated one, and you can certainly read every VN that is worth reading. In fact, I'm sure it's quite common for people here.
#8 by onorub
2019-02-08 at 14:48
There are about 600 or so VNs that are specially notable, so making that a goal is pretty doable if you dedicate yourself for a decade.
#9 by bobjr2000
2019-02-08 at 19:17
real answer is no.

hypothetically with ideal conditions probably no. Under hypothetical it would have be crappy conditions. Lets say avg life span is 80 yrs. I will cut that to 65 because of being able to read and other stuff ect.

So you have about 570,000 hours left divide by 1/3 of avg sleeping is about 190,000 to work with. This is not even taking into account using restroom, eating and other necessities in life need to take care so its even less assuming you still want to have semi normal life. 24,000 VN just on here lets assume each has avg of 10 hours which we know some have more/less=240,000 hrs. Meaning you are significantly short of time.

Under crappy conditions and special conditions less sleep, not working, eat/toilet while reading, having faster reading habits ect. You can add a ton of hours but at that point why.

Here are obvious problems why its impossible
-comprehension, skimming and speed reading isn't same as reading imo.
-acquiring every vn out there
-new vn will be coming out yearly
-do you include fan fiction, eroge, other countries vn not just japanese, only translated ect
-comp limitations, even if can read fast how fast click and some times speed of vn which can vary thus slowing down as well.
-translation are reading japanese or using translator. And will this include other countries languages as well meaning have to know how to read several languages if not going to use translator.

Only person that under ideal conditions might be able would be a Berg type who can read 25,000 words per minute. Even then he would run into all same walls above.

So no its not possible and not sure why you would when grand scheme of them is crap. Go with top 100 favorites and that should last you awhile.


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