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#1 by wakaranai
2019-02-12 at 10:53
in my VN edits i occasionally stumble upon seniorblitz's tags and the amount of mistags in his edits seems worrisome. old obscure games are most affected by this, because his tags might remain unnoticed for years in such cases. for example, here he tagged Tentacle Rape because game had some ominous tentacles on its cover, whereas game itself does not portray any tentacle rape.

this theme was brought up extensively in t11470, so i'd like for you to consider removing all his tags from the database, because of its sheer amount it's humanly impossible to check them all for validity.
#2 by seniorblitz
2019-02-13 at 08:22
Do mods even have this power? It seems very specific, though purging all my tags would probably by Leery's Dream. Anyway, I feel like anything that I say will probably be ignored, like I made contributions to obscure games too (I normally use VNDbreview as reference for those or a Gallery/walkthrough) and I haven't even mistagged that much recently, by purguing all of my tag you'll basically nullify even my positive contributions, but oh well I'll wait for the mods saying on the matter. Already revoked the wrong tag you used as an example btw, I should have checked a Gallery before anyway.
#3 by yorhel
2019-02-13 at 08:39
I can do that, yes, and I've done it before.

I have to agree with wakaranai's assessment that the amount of votes makes it impossible to check everything. And in fact, doing so would be a waste of time because it's faster to re-tag all the correctly tagged stuff than it is to verify what already has been tagged. t11470 doesn't paint a pretty picture about your thought process when adding tags.

I kinda assume that you did know what you were tagging for the 95 visual novels that you've also voted on, so I suppose we can keep those 2944 tag votes. Are there any other VNs where you're confident that you actuallty *knew what the VN was about* when tagging?
#4 by seniorblitz
2019-02-13 at 12:50
Yes, though I can't list It right now since I'm at work. I'll make a list later.
#5 by seniorblitz
2019-02-13 at 16:16
Anyhow, I'll separete by tags instead of VNs.
Mobages companies that I tagged, like Voltage and Abracadabra Inc. Otomate games I tagged and the Kansen series are also correct. Are all right since I had to research the contents of each game.
Now for the tags which I most use and I'm certain most are correct.

More Than Seven Endings
Branching Plot (Including child tags)
Only One Bad Ending
Protagonist with a Face
Protagonist with a Sprite
Protagonist with Voice Acting
Bad Endings with Story
Multiple Route Mystery (I normally search for reviews for those)
Seke Protagonist
The 'Unlockable' tags, like choices, events, protagonist, fighters, routes, Gallery.
Any of the tags from the moderation queue that used.
For another point of reference there is a user called 'srsly'.
Most of my tags in Otome/BL/Moe games are also correct.
Anyway, you can purge the rest, I probably won't spend my time tagging things anymore since I don't have the time to do so anymore, so you won't have to bother with me again kek, don't delete the account though I still use it to list which VNs I finished.Last modified on 2019-02-13 at 16:52
#6 by beliar
2019-02-13 at 16:53
Well, I did tell you that tagging games you haven't played is a folly and you should use common sense more.

The very first post of that other thread shows that you have historically used even such seemingly simple tags like Protagonist with a Face incorrectly before. Hence, I'm not sure how much we should trust your assertion that you have used these tags in the right way. I have also noticed you more than once mistakenly used the heroine and not the protagonist tags for any game that has a female protagonist. It's unclear how many titles are affected, but it doesn't paint a great picture of your understanding of how the tags should be used.
#7 by seniorblitz
2019-02-16 at 12:28
Tags were purged anyway so It doesn't really matter, I'll only tags VNs I finished and voted from now on anyway, don't have that much time to screw around.


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