Natsuki's friend (MAJOR SPOLIERS)

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#1 by apalepexp201
2019-02-15 at 18:43
Ok, so let me get this straight....Natsuki's friend who calls him Onii-chan and loves him, it's actually an alternate version of the protagonist? how the hell is that possible? so that means her friend looked exactly like the protagonist? i'm pretty confused, did i miss something? i mean how is that possible?
#2 by funnerific
2019-02-16 at 09:24
It's the protagonist from an alternate timeline. He time travelled into the past, fucked Natsuki in the ass, made a stupid promise with her and died, now she's stuck waiting for him but he's long gone. The protag you start the game with was a kid at the time and, by the time he grows up, Natsuki is already an adult.Last modified on 2019-02-16 at 09:25
#3 by apalepexp201
2019-02-16 at 17:14
@2 Yeah, i got that now, so in chapter actually play with another protagonist but it's the same protagonist from another dimension who has the same goal as the protagonist from chapter 1, freaking mind blown, so chapter 3 it's the origins of this ''Onii-chan'' that Natsuki worship about, but it's pretty stupid if you think about it, Natsuki never asked herself why her friend and her little brother looks exactly the same?Last modified on 2019-02-16 at 17:17
#4 by funnerific
2019-03-02 at 14:01
@3 I think she mentions in the first chapter how he started to resemble her "onii-chan" but I could be wrong.
#5 by apalepexp201
2019-03-24 at 20:44
@4 Yeah i know, it was a great VN overall, nothing to complain about, just that the protagonist and this Onii-chan looks the same and Natsuki doesn't seem too aware of it, probably she thinks is just a coincidence, lol
#6 by batoo
2019-04-14 at 19:13
I don't remember exactly when, but after Tsukumo got into a fight and injured himself during the fight, he comes back really late at night. Knowing that Natsuki will already be worried because he comes back late, he thinks it's better to hide his bruises by wrapping the bandana around his forehead.

As he returned, Natsuki rushed to greet him and, seeing him as such, she is sure to see her Onii-chan back again. But she remains lucid because her Onii-chan should be at least 10 years older than her if he was still alive and not the age of her little brother, so she just says to Tsukumo that he looks a lot like him, but that doesn't stop her from yelling at him because he got into a fight.


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